Haunted Globetrotting: The White Lady Of Balete Drive, The Philippines

Previously: Kiyotaki Tunnel, Japan

In the New Manila district of Quezon City — the most populous city of the Philippines, located not too far away from the capital, Manila — there’s a two-lane street. It’s an undivided carriageway, which means that it lacks a median; still, though, it’s a busy thoroughfare frequented by jeepneys and cabs. It’s named for the trees line it — but those trees do more than provide scenery. Indeed, it might be because of the Balete trees that the legend of the White Lady of Balete Drive clings to the road, and why it has persisted for so many decades.

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Is “Dear David” Real? A Continued Examination Of Twitter’s New Favorite Haunting (Part 2)

Previously: Is “Dear David” Real? (Part 1)

Somewhat unexpectedly, the “Dear David” ghost story unfolding on Twitter is not only still going, but also still captivating the general public in some pretty astonishing ways. There have been a number of developments since the last time we took a look at the tale on TGIMM, so for anyone still wondering, “Is Dear David real?”, here’s the latest.

Again, I’m not saying that the story is necessarily a hoax; nor are any of the theories below meant to be a be-all, end-all debunking of the whole thing. They’re just a handful of possible explanations (among many, many others). I tend to approach weird phenomena from a perspective of trying to see if there are earthly ways to explain it before I start to rely too heavily on the possibility of it being supernatural; if you do, too, here are a few ideas:

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Is “Dear David” Real? An Examination Of Twitter’s New Favorite Haunting

Previously: How To Be A Nanny In A Haunted House.

Like the rest of the internet, I’m now extremely invested in seeing how the Dear David story develops — and conveniently, Ellis has created a Storify about it that he’s updating as he goes. But I’m not necessarily interested in taking it at face value; I’m interested in seeing exactly what about the story can be explained rationally, and what can’t be. So let’s take a look, shall we?

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Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: The Burpham Ghost Crash

Previously: The Black-Eyed Children.

Type: IM (Imprinted Memory).

Period/location of origin: Period is debatable. Subject’s first appearance in current form dates to Dec. 11, 2002; however, the inciting incident leading to this form of subject appears to have occurred some five months prior in July of 2002. Location is substantially easier to pin down: Subject has only ever been observed on the A3 in Burpham, Surrey, the United Kingdom.

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Haunted Road Trip: Peg Entwistle and the Hollywood Sign


Previously: The Sallie House.

It’s a fixture of the landscape: 45 feet high and 350 long, stark white against the surrounding brush of Mount Lee, yet harmonious with the blue of the sky above it. It imparts one message, but also many — so much conveyed in just one word: “Hollywood.”

Of course, the Hollywood sign wasn’t always the Hollywood sign; it’s fairly common knowledge by now that originally, it was the Hollywoodland sign. It also wasn’t necessarily meant to stand the time in quite the way it has: It was, after all, originally just an advertisement for a real estate development. But it has become iconic — if there’s one thing people think of when they think of L.A., it’s the Hollywood sign — and, as is often the case with iconic places and things, it’s also gotten a reputation for being haunted. Given Hollywood’s long, storied, and often seedy history, it’s not surprising that its most notable landmark might have this sort of reputation — but if you had to pinpoint where it all began, it always comes back to one person: Peg Entwistle.

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Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: The Girl from the Gap

door crackPreviously: Mel’s Hole.

Type: CC (corporeally challenged)

Period/location of origin: Unknown, Japan.

Appearance: Subject appears to be an extremely slender female humanoid of indeterminate age. She may or may not hold an ice pick. NOTE: Due to subject’s illusive nature, a more precise description has yet to be identified; anyone who might be able to provide such a description has hitherto been… not in a position to do so.

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