Take The Ghost In My Machine’s Reader Survey & Help Me Expand The Site

Say hello to The Ghost In My Machine Reader Survey!

In what is hopefully good news to at least some of you, The Ghost In My Machine is in the (very) early stages of an expansion. I’m hoping to broaden the scope of what I cover on the site, as well as to post more frequently (and maybe move away from the land of out-of-the-box free WordPress templates and into custom design territory) — and while I’ve got plenty of ideas for how to accomplish these goals, I also want to hear from you, Gentle Readers. Because what better way to find out what your audience is most interested in than, y’know, actually asking them?

Accordingly, I’ve put together a brief Reader Survey using Google Forms. The survey might look a little intimidating, but it’s not really – I promise! There are only seven questions, six of them are simple check-the-boxes questions, and the only question that’s open-ended is optional. If you’ve got five minutes or so, it’d be a huge help if you could fill it out.

Take The Ghost In My Machine’s Reader Survey here. And my thanks in advance!

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A Short Break

Hey gang,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m taking a short break — I actually, uh, got married around Halloween, so October was a pretty busy month. (I seem to have developed a habit of going through major life events in October, haven’t I?) Since I still kind of regret having to go mostly AWOL during the Halloween season last year, I worked my butt off to get enough content queued up to get us through the Halloween season this year before I took off for Weddingcation 2016; now that we’re on the other side of it all, though, I’m going to take a little time to, y’know, enjoy newlywed life and all that.

It shouldn’t be too long of a break — a couple of weeks at most. Until then, Gentle Readers, I leave you with this:

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A Day Off

Hey gang,

I’ve got a few Life Things to take care of this week, so no post today; we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, I leave you with this:

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Back Next Week

Hey gang,

I’m happy to report that TGIMM will finally be back to its regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, allow me to present to you this intensely bizarre video; it’s had the Internet collectively scratching its head for the past few weeks, even though it appears it’s been around for much longer than that. Is it a prank? A marketing stunt? Something much, much more dangerous than that? We don’t know yet, but the folks of r/Creepy have been hard at work trying to crack the code.

Have fun, kids.

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Life Stuff

Hey gang,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m taking a little time off again — I have some Major Life Stuff to deal with that requires my full and undivided attention, so pardon me while I go sort through it all. My hope is that The Ghost in My Machine will be open for business again in time for the Halloween season (because what’s October without a few spooky tales?). In the meantime, I will leave you all with a video to watch that has a story to tell.

I first stumbled upon the Adam Butcher short film “Internet Story” several years ago, and while I got a delicious chill from it at the time, I also somehow managed to forget all about it shortly thereafter. I recently clicked over to it again, though, and after the first 10 seconds, I not only remembered exactly what it was, but also why I loved it so much. It starts as one sort of story… and ends up as something else entirely.

Internet scavenger hunts are fun. Just… don’t forget to watch your back while you’re sifting through all the clues.

Happy Labor Day to everyone in the U.S.; happy Monday to everyone else; and happy September to all!

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A New Look

Hey gang,


As you may have noticed, The Ghost in My Machine is looking a little different as of today — I’m toying around with a new theme, so bear with me while I get all the formatting sorted out. Can’t find something? Everything that was on the site prior to the theme update is still there (I promise!); some of it is just in a slightly different location. You can find the old sidebar, “About” information, and so on, for example, by clicking the menu icon in the upper right hand corner.


Thoughts? Questions? Other observations or musings on the meaning of life? Leave it in the comments!

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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (But Not Terribly Large Ones)

My dear Gentle Readers,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that starting tomorrow, The Ghost in My Machine will drop down to posting one feature a week instead of two. Don’t worry — I’m not vanishing completely or anything; it’s just that I’ve got somewhat less free time these days than I did when I started the site a year ago. Rather than sacrifice quality for quantity, therefore, I’m going to flip it around: The goal will be one really awesome post a week instead of two mediocre ones. You’ll still be able to get your weekly dose of weirdness from my odd little corner of the Internet (thank you, by the way, for your patronage!), and as always, if there’s anything you’d like to see covered here, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, I hope 2015 has gotten off to a cracking good start for you all. See you on the Shadowside!

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