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If you like reading The Ghost In My Machine, consider supporting the site on Patreon! In addition to helping keep this weird little corner of the internet up and running and contributing towards the ongoing expansion (More frequent posts! A better, prettier design! Other good stuff!), Patreon supporters also get access to a bunch of neat-o incentives and bonus content. These incentives and bonuses include, but are not limited to:

  • A look behind the scenes at TGIMM, including some of the cool stuff I dig up during the researching process, updates on the site redesign, etc.;
  • Voting privileges to help determine the topics of upcoming editions of The Encyclopaedia of the Impossible and The Most Dangerous Games;
  • Early access to new Most Dangerous Games posts, so you can read each new game before anyone else does;
  • A patron-exclusive newsletter full of curated creepiness and curiosities;
  • And more!

As always, regular TGIMM content will continue to be posted here on Mondays and Wednesdays, accessible to everyone for free; that’s not going anywhere! The bonus content that goes up on my patron-only feed for Patreon supporters is just that — a bonus. The goal of the Patreon campaign is to fund the resources that will enable me to bring you more of the content you love without having to rely too heavily on ads and advertisers to make it happen.

You can find The Ghost In My Machine’s Patreon campaign here.

And hey, even if you’re not interested in becoming a Patreon supporter, feel free to just say hi in the comments here. Or, reach out to TGIMM on Twitter (@GhostMachine13) or on Facebook (@TheGhostInMyMachine). The fact that so many of you Gentle Readers come here for your weekly dose of spookiness means the world to me, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your readership.

Stay spooky!

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Follow The Ghost In My Machine On Facebook & Twitter To Stay On Top Of The Latest

Hey gang,

I dropped this little tidbit at the tail end of my Patreon announcement last week, but just in case it got lost in the shuffle, I’m creating a post of its own: The Ghost In My Machine is now on social media! You can follow on Facebook @TheGhostInMyMachine and on Twitter @GhostMachine13 for the latest — I’ll be posting whenever something new goes up on the site, as well as including a few other bits and bobs.

And if you like what you read here, please consider supporting The Ghost In My Machine on Patreon! It’ll help me keep the lights on, allow me to post more frequently, and all sorts of other good stuff.

Happy Friday!

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The Ghost In My Machine Is On Patreon! Here’s How To Help Support The Site

Big site expansion news: The Ghost In My Machine is now on Patreon!

Since January of 2014, I’ve been running The Ghost In My Machine solely through whatever free resources I’ve had access to — a free WordPress domain and site template, whatever information I can dig up with a basic internet connection or a library card, any spare time I have left after working a full week at my day job — and as a result, I’ve finally reached the limit of what I can do with the site without putting more into it.

But reaching this particular limit doesn’t mean I’m giving up; au contraire: I want to expand (hence the Reader Survey I posted back in May), so I can bring you, Gentle Readers, more of the spooky goodness you love — and that I love sharing with you. That’s where Patreon comes in: An expansion of TGIMM requires both time and money, so reader support through Patreon will enable me to create more and better content without having to rely on ads to keep the proverbial lights on.

Patreon support will aid in the following:

Take The Ghost In My Machine’s Reader Survey & Help Me Expand The Site

Say hello to The Ghost In My Machine Reader Survey!

In what is hopefully good news to at least some of you, The Ghost In My Machine is in the (very) early stages of an expansion. I’m hoping to broaden the scope of what I cover on the site, as well as to post more frequently (and maybe move away from the land of out-of-the-box free WordPress templates and into custom design territory) — and while I’ve got plenty of ideas for how to accomplish these goals, I also want to hear from you, Gentle Readers. Because what better way to find out what your audience is most interested in than, y’know, actually asking them?

Accordingly, I’ve put together a brief Reader Survey using Google Forms. The survey might look a little intimidating, but it’s not really – I promise! There are only seven questions, six of them are simple check-the-boxes questions, and the only question that’s open-ended is optional. If you’ve got five minutes or so, it’d be a huge help if you could fill it out.

Take The Ghost In My Machine’s Reader Survey here. And my thanks in advance!

[Photo via mandyxclear/Flickr]

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A Short Break

Hey gang,

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m taking a short break — I actually, uh, got married around Halloween, so October was a pretty busy month. (I seem to have developed a habit of going through major life events in October, haven’t I?) Since I still kind of regret having to go mostly AWOL during the Halloween season last year, I worked my butt off to get enough content queued up to get us through the Halloween season this year before I took off for Weddingcation 2016; now that we’re on the other side of it all, though, I’m going to take a little time to, y’know, enjoy newlywed life and all that.

It shouldn’t be too long of a break — a couple of weeks at most. Until then, Gentle Readers, I leave you with this:

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A Day Off

Hey gang,

I’ve got a few Life Things to take care of this week, so no post today; we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, I leave you with this:

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Back Next Week

Hey gang,

I’m happy to report that TGIMM will finally be back to its regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, allow me to present to you this intensely bizarre video; it’s had the Internet collectively scratching its head for the past few weeks, even though it appears it’s been around for much longer than that. Is it a prank? A marketing stunt? Something much, much more dangerous than that? We don’t know yet, but the folks of r/Creepy have been hard at work trying to crack the code.

Have fun, kids.

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