The Unsolved Mysteries Of Halloween (Halloween 2017)

Previously: Strange and Unusual Haunts.

Abductions. Home invasions. Murder. Disappearances. All of these and more have occurred on or around Oct. 31 — and they’re not always fictional, not always a backstory created for some spook house or another.

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Childhood Traumas (Welcome To The Halloween Season)

Previously: What To Do On Halloween.

My brother and his friends troop down to the basement rec room, saying, “Let’s play Operation!,” and I am uneasy. I have never liked clowns. But I go with them; I am young — no older than three or four — and to be allowed to play with the Big Kids is rare treat.

The game is pulled out from storage and removed from its box, and my unease intensifies.

There is a large, red nose on the board. It looks like a light bulb.

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Is “Dear David” Real? A Further Examination Of Twitter’s New Favorite Haunting (Part 3)

Previously: Is “Dear David” Real? Part 1; Part 2.

It’s been a a few weeks since we’ve checked in on Adam Ellis and considered the evidence of whether Dear David is real, so let’s take a look at what’s been going on, shall we? Although there are fewer new pieces that have been added to the puzzle than last time, the story is far from over; indeed, despite the smaller number of phenomena to discuss, the plot is thickening in some interesting ways.

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A Sneak Peek At What Goes On Behind The Scenes At TGIMM — For More, Become A Patreon Supporter!

Want to see some of what goes on behind the scenes at The Ghost In My Machine? Consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Kicking in just one dollar a month at what I call the Black-Eyed Child tier gives you access to my patrons-only stream, where I occasionally post extras — bonus mini-posts that go into a little more detail about some of the research I conduct while putting together the content that eventually gets published on TGIMM.

These bonus mini-posts include:

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Creepy Wikipedia: The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Previously: Anthropodermic Bibliopegy.

On Aug. 21, 1955, 11 people experienced something extraordinary — or at least, they claimed they did: In what became known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, Glennie Lankford (aged 50); her children Lonnie (12), Charlton (10), and Mary (7); her sons from a previous marriage, Elmer (25) and John Charley (21) Sutton; Elmer and John Charley’s wives, Vera (29) and Alene (27); O.P. Baker (either 30 or 35 — reports are inconsistent), who was Alene’s brother; and Billy Ray Taylor (21) and June Taylor (21) had a run-in with some extraterrestrials. I say “run-in,” but the way they described it, it was more of a battle; the group said they had been under siege for nearly four hours at the Sutton farmhouse near Kelly and Hopkinsville in Christian County, Kentucky — and they said their attackers were alien lifeforms who had arrived in a spaceship.

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Creepypasta Of The Week: “The Crawlspace”

Previously: “Annora Petrova.”

It’s interesting to me that a good number creepypastas (and horror stories both fictional and real, for that matter) center around crawlspaces, hidden rooms, basements, attics, and the like — places in apartments, houses, and other types of homes that seem slightly out of place. They feel like they don’t quite belong — like there’s something inherently wrong about them. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that humans don’t really do well with uncertainty; we like to be able to predict what will happen in any given situation, so when we encounter a room or a space in our homes that doesn’t have a clearly-defined purpose, we get a little uneasy. It’s usually somewhat irrational…

But sometimes — as “The Crawlspace” demonstrates — it’s the most rational thing in the world. Fear, after all, is ultimately a defense mechanism — something meant to warn us of danger so as to protect us from harm.

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Is “Dear David” Real? A Continued Examination Of Twitter’s New Favorite Haunting (Part 2)

Previously: Is “Dear David” Real? (Part 1)

Somewhat unexpectedly, the “Dear David” ghost story unfolding on Twitter is not only still going, but also still captivating the general public in some pretty astonishing ways. There have been a number of developments since the last time we took a look at the tale on TGIMM, so for anyone still wondering, “Is Dear David real?”, here’s the latest.

Again, I’m not saying that the story is necessarily a hoax; nor are any of the theories below meant to be a be-all, end-all debunking of the whole thing. They’re just a handful of possible explanations (among many, many others). I tend to approach weird phenomena from a perspective of trying to see if there are earthly ways to explain it before I start to rely too heavily on the possibility of it being supernatural; if you do, too, here are a few ideas:

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