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The Most Dangerous Games: Sever The Cord

Previously: The Picture Game.

The idea of a multiverse isn’t new, but in Sever the Cord, which was first uploaded to the Creepypasta Wikia on Nov. 7, 2010, it’s a little different — less a multiverse and more a… two-story house, let’s say. In this two-story house, each floor is identical to the other; the same furniture, the same organizational principles, and the same decorations exist on each floor. The inhabitants, too, are the same — there’s you, on the floor that you live on, and then there’s your Copy, which lives on the other floor. When you look in a mirror, you’re seeing the other floor. You’re seeing your Copy.

There’s one difference between the two floors, though, and that’s the fact that a… Being lives on one floor. The Copies that live there can’t see him… but he’s there. Watching. Keeping an eye on you through your Copy, for everything you do is also done by your Copy. The Being watches it all, meting out retribution when necessary.

You can escape the watching, of course… but the price is high.

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The Most Dangerous Games: Frequently Asked Questions, Vol. VIII

Previously: Frequently Asked Questions, Vol VII

Here we go again! The usual caveats apply for this round of The Most Dangerous Games: Frequently Asked Questions — I’m not an expert; these answers are often just my best guesses based on knowledge of the rules of the games, additional research, etc.; I tend to err on the side of caution, so if you’re a little more daring than I am, your mileage may vary; and so on and so forth. I’ll add all these to the Master FAQ in short order.

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What if two or more groups or individuals call upon the same entity from the same game at the exact same time in different locations?

You know all those stipulations in the rules for various games that note how you can tell if a ritual has failed? This might be one of the reasons why — the entity in question might be occupied elsewhere.

That’s just conjecture, though. Honestly, we don’t really know.

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The Most Dangerous Games: The Picture Game

I’ll be honest: I have no idea where the Picture Game came from, when it originated, or pretty much anything else about its background. I assume it’s fairly recent — within the past couple of decades or so — due to the fact that built-in flash cameras meant for home usage didn’t exist until the late ‘50s. (The Brownie Starflash, released in 1957, was Kodak’s first camera with a built-in flash.)

Even so, though, the elements at play in this particular game go way back. First, there’s the element of the camera: Spirit photography first emerged in the late 19th century; what’s more, some cultures and religions have long believed that cameras are capable of “stealing” someone’s soul through the act of taking a photograph of that person. Then there are the mirrors, which have been present in folklore from all around the world for centuries. Some believe that mirrors reflect our “shadow souls,” or our true selves; others believe them to be windows or doors to other realms; and still others believe that spirits or souls may become trapped in them if certain precautions aren’t taken by survivors after a persons death.

And when you combine cameras and mirrors? Well, let’s just say some… interesting things can happen.

As always, play at your own risk.

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The Most Dangerous Games: Concentrate

Previously: The Answer Man

I used to play the game Concentrate on the playground as a kid. Maybe you did, too. Interestingly, though, despite the morbid-sounding rhyme at the center of the game, my friends and I never actually considered it spooky or dangerous; we mostly thought it was a neat kind of mental simulation, a way to experience the things described in the rhyme without actually experiencing them. We also thought it might function as a light form of hypnosis, although none of us ever felt “hypnotized” by the end of it.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I recently discovered that it’s listed in rather a lot of places on the internet as the kind of game that qualifies as a Most Dangerous Game.

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