The Most Dangerous Games: The Telephone Game

Previously: The Playing Card Game

The Telephone Game is less about calling a spirit to talk to them, and more about… well, it’s kind of like prank calling a spirit: If your efforts are successful and something picks up on the other end, you’re meant to hang up immediately, rather than to speak or ask questions. There isn’t really a winning condition and there’s no prize, so the only reason I can think to play this one is for the thrill, the bragging rights, or because you like to tempt fate.

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The Most Dangerous Games: The Playing Card Game

Previously: The Little Finger Game

Although I’m not sure how long this particular Playing Card Game has been around, cartomancy — the practice of using a deck of cards for divination purposes — has existed for centuries. Tarot is probably the most well-known form; however, you don’t necessarily need a tarot deck in order to practice this type of divination. Indeed, it’s believed that cartomancy kicked up shortly after playing cards arrived in Europe, circa the late 14th century — that is, no tarot was required. For this game, you can use a deck of plain old Bicycles (or whatever your standard, 52-card playing card deck of choice is—just make sure it’s got the four suits in it).

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A Sneak Peek At What Goes On Behind The Scenes At TGIMM — For More, Become A Patreon Supporter!

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These bonus mini-posts include:

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The Most Dangerous Games: The Little Finger Game

Previously: The White Kimono Game.

In some ways, the Little Finger Game is reminiscent of Tomino’s Hell: There aren’t any rituals you need to perform, words you need to chant, or spirits you need to invoke in order to play; all you have to do is read a story.

Just make sure that you absolutely do want to play before reading onward — because once you begin the tale, you can’t back out of the game. 

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The Most Dangerous Games: The White Kimono Game

Previously: Sever the Cord

The White Kimono Game reminds me a little bit of the Corner Game  in that they both utilize the four corners of a room to summon a spirit; the difference is that the White Kimono Game is a single-player game, so if you’ve been having trouble finding folks willing to try the Corner Game with you, this one is a reasonable alternative. Admittedly I’m not totally sure why you’d want to summon the spirits described in either game, as you don’t seem to get anything out of it other than bragging rights if you survive… but maybe that’s the point. Remember that whole tempting fate thing? I suspect it comes down — yet again — to that.

For the curious, the particular kind of white kimono Japanese ghosts are often depicted wearing is called a kyōkatabira. It’s basically a funeral shroud — the kimono in which people’s earthly remains are wrapped before burial.

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A Preview Of TGIMM’s Patreon-Exclusive Newsletter (Become A Patron For More!)

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The Most Dangerous Games: Sever The Cord

Previously: The Picture Game.

The idea of a multiverse isn’t new, but in Sever the Cord, which was first uploaded to the Creepypasta Wikia on Nov. 7, 2010, it’s a little different — less a multiverse and more a… two-story house, let’s say. In this two-story house, each floor is identical to the other; the same furniture, the same organizational principles, and the same decorations exist on each floor. The inhabitants, too, are the same — there’s you, on the floor that you live on, and then there’s your Copy, which lives on the other floor. When you look in a mirror, you’re seeing the other floor. You’re seeing your Copy.

There’s one difference between the two floors, though, and that’s the fact that a… Being lives on one floor. The Copies that live there can’t see him… but he’s there. Watching. Keeping an eye on you through your Copy, for everything you do is also done by your Copy. The Being watches it all, meting out retribution when necessary.

You can escape the watching, of course… but the price is high.

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