Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: Eight Feet Tall

Previously: La Pascualita.

Type: Unknown. Subject displays traits characteristic of both PE and EV classifications; however, due to insufficient information, a classification is not able to be made at this time.

Period/location of origin: Conflicting. Earliest known documentation of subject appeared on the internet on Aug. 26, 2008; however, events detailed in this documentation occurred in 1998. It is unknown whether subject came into being prior to 1998, in 1998, or on Aug. 26, 2008. (See also: Kunekune; the Slender Manthe Smith Sisters, Murdered Anonymously; etc.) Determination: Inconclusive.

Geographically, subject is believed to originate in Japan.

Appearance: Subject appears to be a tall, thin, female humanoid wearing a white dress and a hat. The details of subject’s appearance vary by account; according to some, subject is an old woman dressed in a tattered kimono, while according to others, subject is a youthful young woman draped in a funeral shroud. Subject is precisely eight shaku in height. (Note: A shaku is a Japanese unit of measure equal to 11.9 inches.)

Conversely, subject appears to be a story originating from the Japanese online message board 2chan. The story is told in the first person, and relates the writer’s alleged childhood encounter with target. The story’s publication date is Aug. 26, 2008. This version of subject will henceforth be referred to as “subject prime.”

Modus operandi: Subject will select targets based on two criteria: Target must be between the ages of three and 17; and target, when first encountered, must be alone. Target may experience selection process as an odd occurrence in which they spot a glimpse of a tall woman dressed in white and hear a strange, “Po, po, po…” sound. Although target will consider this incident unusual, they will typically not view it as cause for alarm.

If an intervention does not occur, subject will return for target later that night. It is unknown what subject does with target; all that is currently known is that, should subject acquire target, target will never be heard from again.

Conversely, subject prime will select targets based on one criterion: Target must have an internet connection. Target may experience selection process as a routine occurrence in which they read subject prime’s story about subject on the internet. Subject prime’s ultimate goal remains unknown.

Containment: If target tells a knowledgeable and trustworthy adult about their initial encounter with subject, this adult may stage an intervention. For the first step of this intervention, a room should be prepared: The windows should be covered with newspaper, salt should be scattered in each corner, and a small, wooden box with a Buddha statue should be provided. Target should be given a paper charm; a second charm should also be hung on the newspaper covering the windows.

Target must remain in the prepared room throughout the night until seven o’clock in the morning. Target may not leave the room during this time; neither may anyone enter the room. Target must not open the door or window to anyone, regardless as to what they may hear. Be warned: Subject may pose as a trusted adult, assuring target that it is safe to open the door; however, subject should not be heeded. The door and windows must remain firmly shut and locked. Should subject begin tapping, slapping, or hitting the windows, or emitting the “Po, po, po…” noise heard during target’s first encounter with it, target may pray to the Buddha statue for protection.

The prepared room and target’s time within it is a stopgap measure. Their purpose is to provide the adult staging the intervention time with which to assemble the materials and personnel required for a more permanent solution. Materials include: At least two paper charms; and a van capable of seating nine passengers in the back three rows, plus the driver and one additional passenger in the front seat. Personnel include: Eight adult blood relatives of target; a driver; and a person of spiritual or holy significance. This person of spiritual or holy significance must be familiar with a specific chant required for the forthcoming events.

Target should be seated in the center seat of the van, with each of the eight relatives in the seats in front of, next to, and behind target. The driver should assume the driver’s position; the holy or spiritual person should be seated in the front passenger seat. The target should hold a paper charm. Target should also close their eyes and keep their face pointed down. Target should not, at any point, open their eyes and/or lift their face.

The driver should begin driving. The holy or spiritual person should begin their chanting. Subject may begin tapping, slapping, hitting, or pounding on the windows of the van. Target should not open their eyes, lift their face, or look at subject. If target’s charm turns black, subject should be provided with another charm.

If the tapping, slapping, hitting, or pounding of the van windows eventually subsides and ceases, then the intervention may be deemed a success. However, target should assume they are safe in perpetuity. Target would do well not to return to the location of the first encounter again. Ever.

Conversely, subject prime may be contained by simply avoiding the story as it appeared on 2chan. For effective containment, target should refrain from reading, sharing, or translating subject prime.

Additional notes:  Subject may also go by the name “Hachishakusama” or “Hasshaku-sama.”

Subject was once contained in a shrine near a small village in Japan; four statues of the protective deity Jizo placed at the cardinal compass corners of north, south, east, and west sealed subject inside. The breaking of one of these statues subsequently led to the release of subject; it is unknown whether subject has successfully been resealed.

Conversely, subject prime may only say subject was once contained in a shrine near a small village in Japan; subject prime’s trustworthiness as a source has not been determined.

Comparatively little is known about subject prime.

Perhaps it is wiser that it remain that way.

Recommendation: Run.


Eight Feet Tall.


Takoanna: The Tall Woman, comment 7156.

Subject Prime.


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6 thoughts on “Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: Eight Feet Tall

  1. Hmmm, where have I seen this kind of thing before?
    Dang it, now I’m terrified. Welp, nice knowin ya, world.

  2. I thought the description sounded familiar. It turns out that the game Fatal Frame 5’s “tall woman” ghost was inspired by this subject.

    1. Were probably safe here. I’ve read other stories on here, and I haven’t exprienced the effects.

      Just don’t read anything on 2chan. We’re a lot more safe here.

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