The Ghost In My Machine Is On Patreon! Here’s How To Help Support The Site

Big site expansion news: The Ghost In My Machine is now on Patreon!

Since January of 2014, I’ve been running The Ghost In My Machine solely through whatever free resources I’ve had access to — a free WordPress domain and site template, whatever information I can dig up with a basic internet connection or a library card, any spare time I have left after working a full week at my day job — and as a result, I’ve finally reached the limit of what I can do with the site without putting more into it.

But reaching this particular limit doesn’t mean I’m giving up; au contraire: I want to expand (hence the Reader Survey I posted back in May), so I can bring you, Gentle Readers, more of the spooky goodness you love — and that I love sharing with you. That’s where Patreon comes in: An expansion of TGIMM requires both time and money, so reader support through Patreon will enable me to create more and better content without having to rely on ads to keep the proverbial lights on.

Patreon support will aid in the following:

  • Covering daily operations;
  • Switching from free WordPress hosting to a self-hosted platform with more bandwidth and greater capacity for development;
  • Funding research materials to allow for more thoroughly investigated content (think books and other media that I can’t get a hold of through the library, a LexisNexis subscription, etc.);
  • Enabling me to hire a web designer/developer to create a custom site;
  • And, eventually — hopefully — allowing me to make this little pet project into my full-time job.

If you choose to become a patron, you’ll also get some fun incentives in exchange — access to a patron-only stream giving you a look behind the scenes at TGIMM, early access to some content, a patron-exclusive newsletter full of fun, creepy stuff from around the web, and so on and so forth. All of the content that’s regularly posted on TGIMM will remain free, of course; the incentives offered through the Patreon campaign are just fun bonuses for folks who decide to become patrons.

Of course, all these big, lofty goals won’t be reached overnight; it’s going to be an ongoing effort, with little bits happening at a time. My first two Patreon goals are to fund a domain and hosting service, and — and this is a big one that I’m incredibly excited about — fund a complete, custom design for the site. I’ve hired the wonderful Megan Gray of House of Grays for the job; the new design will improve functionality, offering better navigation and greater ease of access while still keeping the spooky atmosphere we all know and love intact. We’ll also be getting things like a logo and a stronger visual identity, making the whole site much more of an experience for you, Gentle Readers. We’re aiming to get the redesign launched in time for the Halloween season,

Eventually, I hope to make the sum of TGIMM greater than its parts — because sometimes, a little shiver down the spine is just what we all need.

So, hey. Stick around. We’ve got some stories to tell.

Head here to support The Ghost In My Machine on Patreon. Oh, and we’re also on social media now; follow on Twitter @GhostMachine13 and on Facebook @TheGhostInMyMachine.


7 thoughts on “The Ghost In My Machine Is On Patreon! Here’s How To Help Support The Site

    1. Of course! That’s what this is all for – to enable me to post more and to improve the site. Think of Patreon kind of like an ongoing Kickstarter – patron support will help fund the running of TGIMM.

  1. So… does this mean that you will keep this SAME site and the same content that’s already here and you’ll just move it from WordPress to a self-run site?

    1. Yep! All of the content will still be here; we’ll just move it all over to a self-hosted, proper dot com URL instead of a free WordPress one (so, the site will be located at something like instead of We’ll also redirect the old WordPress URL to the new one for simplicity’s sake — so, once the changeover to self-hosting and the new domain happens, if you go to an old page, you’ll automatically redirect to the page’s new home on Moving to self-hosting and a proper dot com address will have greater capabilities than free WordPress hosting does — more bandwidth, etc. We’ll also give the site itself a facelift from a visual standpoint to make it prettier and easier to navigate.

      So don’t worry! The goal of all of this isn’t to get rid of TGIMM — it’s actually the opposite: to make TGIMM better and more robust.

      1. Thank you so much!! I’m so excited to see the new site! This is by far my favorite website and though I’m only 11 so I can’t be a patron cuz my parents won’t let me, I might when I get older if it’s still available! I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!

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