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Hey gang,

I dropped this little tidbit at the tail end of my Patreon announcement last week, but just in case it got lost in the shuffle, I’m creating a post of its own: The Ghost In My Machine is now on social media! You can follow on Facebook @TheGhostInMyMachine and on Twitter @GhostMachine13 for the latest — I’ll be posting whenever something new goes up on the site, as well as including a few other bits and bobs.

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Happy Friday!

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Creepypasta of the Week: “Bedtime”

Previously: “Suicidemouse.avi.”

“Bedtime,” penned by Michael Whitehouse (aka Ghastly Tales), taps into something deep and primal to which a good many of us can likely relate: A fear of the dark. Because, of course, fear of the dark isn’t just about being afraid of an absence of light; it’s what might be hiding out there in the shadows, beyond where we can see, that concerns us. It’s the fear of the unknown.

And for what it’s worth, this fear is actually an evolutionary advantage. It prevents us from rushing out into danger — which, during pre-modern eras, kept us alive. Being out in the dark was a literal life or death situation.

The trouble is that these days, the dark isn’t always the same danger it once was. When you’re all tucked up in your warm, cozy home at night, it can be hard to justify a fear of the dark; after all, your doors are locked, and there’s no one else inside but your family. And so we brush aside fears of the dark — particularly when they come from children. “Kids don’t know how to rationalize it,” we tell ourselves. “They have overactive imaginations. That’s all.”

And sometimes that’s true: Lying in their beds in the dark at night, kids have nothing to distract them, so their brains make up all sorts of wild and outlandish things.

But sometimes… it’s best to listen to children when they tell you that there’s something under their bed or lurking in their closet.

They’re not always wrong.

 “Bedtime” is part of a five-part series, by the way, so make sure you click through at the source to read the whole saga.

Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for a tired child; for me it was terrifying. While some children might complain about being put to bed before they have finished watching a film or playing their favourite video game, when I was a child, night time was something to truly fear. Somewhere in the back of my mind it still is.

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Unresolved: Karin Catherine Waldegrave’s Perplexing Facebook Presence

Previously: Who Killed Sister Cathy?

In April of 2010, a woman named Karin Catherine Waldegrave joined Facebook. This in and of itself is obviously not unusual; people join Facebook all the time. What sets Karin apart was the sheer absurdity of her posts — posts which still defy explanation to this very day. In fact, many are still wondering whether Karin’s page was written by a real person.

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The Ghost In My Machine Is On Patreon! Here’s How To Help Support The Site

Big site expansion news: The Ghost In My Machine is now on Patreon!

Since January of 2014, I’ve been running The Ghost In My Machine solely through whatever free resources I’ve had access to — a free WordPress domain and site template, whatever information I can dig up with a basic internet connection or a library card, any spare time I have left after working a full week at my day job — and as a result, I’ve finally reached the limit of what I can do with the site without putting more into it.

But reaching this particular limit doesn’t mean I’m giving up; au contraire: I want to expand (hence the Reader Survey I posted back in May), so I can bring you, Gentle Readers, more of the spooky goodness you love — and that I love sharing with you. That’s where Patreon comes in: An expansion of TGIMM requires both time and money, so reader support through Patreon will enable me to create more and better content without having to rely on ads to keep the proverbial lights on.

Patreon support will aid in the following:

For Sale: Johnsonville, The Connecticut Ghost Town That Just Can’t Seem To Find A Buyer

Previously: Poveglia.

Got a couple million bucks burning a hole in your pocket? If you do (you lucky person, you), and you’ve always wanted to own an entire spooky town, good news: The Connecticut ghost town of Johnsonville is for sale — again. This is far from the first time it’s been available for purchase in recent years, and honestly, I’m not convinced it’ll be the last; either way, though, it will never cease to amuse me that if you’ve got enough money, you can actually buy your very own ghost town.

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