The Most Dangerous Games: Dry Bones

bonesPreviously: A Small Radio.

There are a couple of versions of Dry Bones floating around on the internet, but the oldest one I’ve found dates back to 2013. It was posted to r/NoSleep in June of that year by a Redditor going by the name “yomomma56.” (Reddit user names are endlessly entertaining.) They’re still active, by the way, so at least we know that they’ve played the game and survived.

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The game itself is sort of like a hybrid of One Man Hide and Seek, the Midnight Game, and Bloody Mary; the stakes are high, but the prize might be valuable enough to justify it — it all depends on your own wants and desires. Be careful what you wish for, though; it’s possible that whatever you’re summoning here might decide that playing the game isn’t fair bargain for what you’re asking for.

As always, play at your own risk.


  • One principal.


  • One bathroom.
  • One mirror. There’s flexibility here; the mirror over your bathroom sink will likely be the best option, but a hand mirror is also acceptable.
  • Matches. Don’t use a lighter.
  • A timekeeping device. This is technically optional, but highly recommended. The ability to keep time accurately is essential.


The Prelude:

  1. Before beginning, clear your house of people and pets. Make sure they know not to come back until the sun has risen the next morning.
  2. If the mirror isn’t already in the bathroom, place it there.
  3. Make sure the matches are somewhere on your person. The same goes the timekeeping device, if using.

The Invitation:

  1. Begin at 12:01 am.
  2. Securely close anything in your house that can open — doors, closets, cabinets, etc. Everything.
  3. Turn off all the lights in your house, as well as anything that might make noise. Unplugging the noise-making the devices is recommended.
  4. Enter the bathroom. Close the door behind you. (Everything needs to be closed, remember?)
  5. Face the mirror.
    • If you hear anything unusual: Do not proceed. Leave immediately. Exit the house. Go somewhere safe. Do not return until daylight.
    • If you hear nothing out of the ordinary: You may proceed.
  6. Think of something you want. Think about it hard. Visualize it in your head if you can.
  7. Light a match. Let it burn out.
    • If the match burns out in under 15 seconds: Do not proceed. Leave immediately. Exit the house. Go somewhere safe. Do not return until daylight.
    • If the match burns for at least 15 seconds: You may proceed.
  8. Lie on the ground and speak the words, “I am aware of your presence. I welcome you into my home. Come now.”
  9. Exit the bathroom. Close the door behind you. Go to the biggest room in your house. Close the door behind you.
  10. Wait.
    • If you hear anything other than a low moan and/or a slight rattling noise: Do not proceed. Leave immediately. Exit the house. Go somewhere safe. Do not return until daylight.
    • If you hear a low moan and/or a slight rattling noise: You may proceed.

The Game:

  1. Run. Hide. Do it quickly and quietly.
  2. Stay hidden until 3:00 am. This is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t let him see you. Don’t let him hear you. Don’t let him catch you.

The Farewell:

  1. At 3:00 am, return to the biggest room in your house. Close the door behind you. Speak the following words: “Thank you for playing, but you must leave now. You are no longer welcome.”
    • If at first you do not hear any form of acknowledgement, repeat the phrase until you do. You will know it when you hear it.
  2. Sleep, if you can.
  3. When you awaken, return to your everyday life. Your prize should be forthcoming.
  4. Do not play this game again.

Additional Notes:

  • A variation on the invitation exists, according to some versions of the game. You may therefore also use the following invitation in lieu of the previously mentioned one: “I am aware of your presence, and I welcome you into my home, but not into my body. Come now.” Added protection is not guaranteed, but, well… any port in a storm.
  • Do NOT blow the match out. Let it burn out on its own. If you blow the match out, even accidentally, exit the area immediately, go somewhere safe, and do not return until daylight.
  • After you enter the biggest room in your house during Step 9 of The Invitation, be patient. The waiting period might last as few as five minutes, or it might take much longer.

Concerning Your Wish:

  • Your wish will arrive to you reasonably quickly after the completion of the game. Some players have reported it being waiting on their doorstep for them as soon as the morning after.
  • Your wish should be something that is realistically attainable. If you ask for something that defies the laws of physics, for example, you probably won’t have much luck.
  • Your wish should not involve bringing harm to another person. If it does, he may decide that the price of the wish is steeper than the one you already paid — and he’s not in the habit of letting debts go unpaid.

If You Decide To Play The Game Again:


You might have asked him to leave this time, but that won’t prevent him from visiting again.

And if you go so far as to actually invite him again…

…It might not go so well.

Dry Bones: FAQ.


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32 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: Dry Bones

  1. Good to have you back again! Came to this website several times but went back disappointed. 🙂 But this more than made up for it. Hope you’re enjoying a great married life. 🙂

  2. Thank you for keeping such an interesting blog. I discovered it some weeks ago and read almost every post here. There are loads of people who jokes with this kind of content, but you seems serious and responsible about it.

  3. I discovered this site a few weeks ago and I already read almost all the posts. You’re serious and responsible about it, and this is important. I’ve seen enough to know that those things work. Thank you for sharing such a great and interesting content 🙂


  5. For the hiding part….. would he search for you? Like open closets, look under beds…? How serious would he take this? Plus, could you still do it if you live in an appartment (this question also applies for other games) ?

    1. Also why is it called dry bones if there are no bones involved? If your living room is the biggest room (but there are no doors there) what do you do?!

      1. It’s called dry bones because of the spirit finds you while you were trying to hide, your bones will dry up

    2. Of course he would search for you. He is very serious. The prize of him winning? Your soul or your death. You’ll be lucky if he asked for your limbs as a prize.

      No. The rule already stated that you should play it when you are alone. Having other animals or people in the house just increase the danger. They will be involved without invitation.

      (Most games just take anyone inside the house. Like “Anyone in the house is playing the game, regardless if you don’t like it!” type. Its better if you don’t play it. If you want to, play it alone or with friends if they are willing)

  6. love this game, just like all the others! the way you compile the rules is so neat and I read way too many of these at work tbh… I recently read one that reminded of the “do not proceed” steps! It’s on r/nosleep, I think, called the nesting doll game. maybe you’ll like it too 🙂

  7. When it hits 3:00 am can you safely and normally return to the biggest room or do you still have to worry about him catching you until you get to the room and recite the phrase?

  8. Should you have to leave your house will you be able to or will he try to chase/follow you? Also when rerurning to the room at 3 am can you normally or do you have to avoid getting caught until you recite the phrase?

  9. I just have 2 questions…

    1) Would sprinkling salt around your hiding place be constituted as cheating and leading to negative consequences or would it be okay? Sorry if this sounds stupid 😛

    2) Would a wish for someone else’s well-being be considered “steep”? Ie, wishing for a partner to stop drinking or for a close relative to be as happy as possible?

    Congratulations on your marriage btw! I know it’s late but I’ve literally only just found this site 😛

  10. Bit of a problem I can see with this is that the only lead-up to the house becoming dangerous is it being 12:01 with all the lights off, most people tend to be asleep at that time so the lights will be off. I would think you’d be safe as long as you don’t invite it in.

  11. So I have a couch in a corner up to a table, to get under the table you have to go under the couch. Is this a good hiding place? It’s a little difficult for me to get under to couch and into it by the way. I just don’t know what is a good hiding place. Also the biggest room in my house is my living room but it only has one door to the outside. It’s connected to the rest of the house or would it then would my whole downstairs area be considered just one room since there are no doors separating them? Does the hiding place have to be in a different room than my biggest room then?

  12. Can we wish for more than one of the same thing? For example, two cars of the same type or something.

    1. It didn’t go into detail about how many items for your wish, but it says that if your wish is worth more than the price you payed, then he will collect his debt. So it honestly depends on the value of your cars tbh. Two Lamborghinis seem more valuable than a spooky game whereas two crappy toyota camrys don’t seem like too much of a stretch

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