The Most Dangerous Games: A Small Radio

Previously: Channel Infinity.

Normally I wouldn’t post a second game quite so soon after posting the last one, but guess what? It’s October. And October means it’s Halloween season. And since it’s Halloween season, now seems like a good time to look at “A Small Radio.” I mentioned it briefly last year, but due to a lot of Big Life Changes, I wasn’t able to cover it in time for Halloween 2015. I put it on my to do list for the following year, though, and, well… here we are. 

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Originally posted to the Creepypasta Wikia by user MacaroniArtZombeh in August of 2013, this game can only be played on a very particular day; trying to do it at any other time will result in a failed attempt. So I figured I’d put it on your radar now, at the beginning of the month, so you have plenty of time to get ready for the Oct. 30 start date. You don’t need much to get it started — just yourself, an outdoor location, and a cell phone. If all goes as planned, the rest of the supplies will be provided to you if and when you need it.

Then again, though, I’m not totally sure you’ll want to play it. Like several of the other games we’ve looked at here, this one is a recipe for luck… but luck never comes without a price.

As always…

…Well, you know how it goes.


  • One principal.


  • One mobile phone.
  • An outdoor location.


The Summoning:

  1. Wait until Oct. 30.
  2. Begin at 11:59pm.
  3. Go outside.
  4. Using your hands, draw a circle into the dirt.
  5. Set you phone to vibrate. Place it in the middle of the circle.
  6. Keep your eyes on the phone. Do not close your eyes. Do not look away from it.
  7. Continue watching the phone until 12:15am.
    • If nothing happens: The ritual has failed. Do not proceed.
    • If the phone rings: You may proceed. However, do NOT answer the phone. Simply wait.
  8. Continue waiting.
    • If nothing happens: The ritual has failed. Do not proceed.
    • If you receive a text message: You may proceed. Read the text; it will contain a phone number.
  9. Set your phone to speaker and call the number.
    • If no one picks up: The ritual has failed. Do not proceed.
    • If the call is answered: You may proceed. Listen. If you are asked for your physical address, give it to whoever asks.
  10. Wait for two nights. Go about your life in the meantime. Try not to get distracted.

The Gift:

  1. At the end of the waiting period, make sure you’re well-rested enough to stay awake until midnight.
  2. When the clock ticks over to 11:59pm, listen.
    • If you hear nothing: The ritual has failed. Do not proceed.
    • If you hear a knock on the door: Answer it. You won’t find anyone there, so don’t bother looking for them; however, there will be a package waiting or you on the doorstep. Bring it inside.
  3. Open the package. Take out the contents: Batteries, and a small radio. Put the batteries in the radio.
  4. Wait until 12:15am, then turn the radio on and tune it to AM station 11.1.
  5. Listen.
  6. Keep listening.
  7. Do not stop listening.
  8. At 12:25am, a song will play. Listen to it deeply and fully.
  9. For the next year, keep the radio on. You might not always hear it, but that doesn’t matter. As long as it’s on and playing, you will experience an astonishing amount of good luck. You will succeed in everything and anything you do, no matter how big or small.

The Price:

  1. One day, you will hear a startling noise — something you might describe as a pop, or maybe a gunshot. It’s the sound of the batteries in the radio dying.
  2. When you hear that noise, start running.

Concerning the Price:

Once you start running, don’t stop.

There’s no guarantee that it will do anything other than delay the inevitable, but it might make you feel better in the long run. Like you’re doing something that might help — even though it won’t.

After all, you can’t have the good without the bad…

…And everything catches up to us eventually.

A Small Radio: FAQ.


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[Photo via cogdogblog/Flickr]


61 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: A Small Radio

  1. Well Damn. I was like, this is going good, but why isn’t there any catch?? Then the ending came. I guess I’ll just use Duracell batteries so that my luck keeps on running XD

  2. Since and I am assuming what comes for you is a supernatural enity,is there a way of avoiding or guarding yourself against this “inevitably”? As well as in other cases? I mean if anything that good luck should help right?

    1. Nope, no chance. The radio provides you with SUPER good luck and all the bad luck is gone for the whole year. After that, you’re on your own. You’re good luck has disappear and you have something chasing you.

    1. Just run. Run and run and run and run. No breaks, no tops, just run.

      Well, after all that good luck that has given to you, the bad luck has to go somewhere, right? And ,after a year, the bad luck will come back to you… an unspeakable form.

    1. You will get distracted by forgetting about the ritual, though I’m not sure what is the consequences on distracting.

      Good= The ritual will fail

      Bad= A thing kills or chase you

  3. Not that I plan on doing this, but I am curious; what the heck happens? What is the price? What is there to run from? Is something chasing you?

    These are all really great posts, btw. Very interesting to read.

    1. I did this. I heard it pop, and I ran. I ran to my car, and drove… until a big ass truck slammed into me. I ended up with 5 cracked ribs and a broken arm. I think I was lucky, cause I’ve got my eyes, I’m sane, and I still draw breath. I have to admit, it was the second best year of my life (the number 1 best year of my life was when I did “man in the fields” as a 9 year old), but I’m not going to do it again. The year of luck was worth the accident? yes. But I got really lucky in my run of “bad luck”. I’m not going to make it worse

    2. From my understanding of staving off bad luck in these types of rituals, I would find it safe to assume that this is something similar to the ‘Dark Reflections’ ritual in that the thing that you are running from is all the pent of negative energy that was trapped during the radio’s active period, similarly to how it is trapped within the mirror until you break it in ‘Dark Reflections.’

      Fate doesn’t like to be cheated and will be trying to correct the imbalance the second the song stops holding it back. This is all speculation of course, but it’s a safe bet this will do you physical harm in a major way, that being the best case scenario.

  4. I don’t think it’ll work. Because for how long we can run after the radio batteries are dead. And if the radio is at our home. We can’t just leave our house.

  5. If this is true, then this is that one game I will not ever play (even if I had a terminal disease). I am curious as to what would happen if you were successful to the point of receiving the radio but decide to quit while you are ahead.

  6. Why do we need to run? Where are we going to run? When will we stop running? Sorry for my bad english… And i need answers for my questions because i want to do it.

    1. Why do we need to run?
      =Cause all the bad lucks are chasing you

      Where are we going to run?
      =Anywhere. Just run and run.

      When will we stop running?
      = DON’T STOP.

      Best Thing to Do= Don’t play it, unless you think your life is worth all the good luck.

  7. I guess this is one of those games that you won’t ever have a chance to play again…
    Also I’m slightly confused by the locations we use – you said to use an outside location, so would a backyard/garden be good enough or would it have to be something like a park?

    And say it was the latter, when asking for our physical location do we mention the location of the park, or would we say the address of our home?

    1. 1) Just use any outside location as long it is outside from your house, but it’s best to just use your backyard (to save your time)

      2) Your address of your home. (The parcel will be sent to your home)

  8. Thought at first “oh yeah this sounds good” then i scrolled down and saw “the price” and i thought “nevermind

      1. perhaps. it really and honestly depends. someone in the comments survived and got slammed with a truck. i think it’s a little like buying a target mirror and playing the dark reflection ritual!

    1. What if you ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut but they give you a pizza from Dominoes? No one likes to be cheated

  9. Someone else asked this on the wikia page…
    “What if you do this ritual then complete the 11 Miles ritual, wishing to evade the danger?”
    Nobody’s answered yet and I’m curious now haha

    1. 1.You die
      2.I guess? I read a story on someone used a vehicle on running away…so, technically, it is still running away

  10. first of all, this reminds me of supernatural.
    and also, would it be acceptable to use dry bones and wish the batteries to never run out or is that considered “steep” for playing dry bones?
    could you complete 11 miles and wish the batteries to never run out?


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