The Most Dangerous Games: Channel Infinity

Abandoned tellyPreviously: Tomino’s Hell.

(By request.)

I’m honestly not sure where Channel Infinity comes from; it was first posted to the Creepypasta Wikia on March 2, 2014 by user Jett Cyber, but beyond that, I haven’t been able to find any other information about it (other than those same rules copied and pasted over and over again — a creepypasta in the classic sense). I assume the Creepypasta Wikia entry indicates its first instance. Truth be told, it’s a little difficult to follow; for example, the original version notes that, instead of turning your back to the television at a specific point, you can also arrange some sort of setup involving two hand mirrors — but I wouldn’t recommend taking that route. The description of the setup is confusing enough that I couldn’t even figure out exactly how the mirrors are supposed to be positioned.

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From a technical standpoint, I believe part of what’s happening during this ritual is a combination of Troxler’s fading and the Caputo Effect — the same trickeries of perception that cause us to see “monsters” like Bloody Mary in the mirror. There’s also something somewhat hypnotic about staring at a blank screen or at a screen full of static for an extended amount of time; the end result is, I believe, perhaps not as literal as the rules might suggest, but rather something more like what occurs during the Three Kings ritual.

Whether you believe Channel Infinity to be an actual television channel or something you visit in your mind, though…

…Play at your own risk.


  • One principal.
  • At least one partner.


  • One quiet room with a door.
  • One television — the older, the better. Analog is ideal.
  • One remote control— not necessarily the one that came with the television.
  • One item of personal significance.
  • One favorite book.
  • One key — any key.
  • One cell phone.
  • One weapon— a hammer is a good choice.


The Prelude:

  1. Set up the television in the quiet room.
  2. Turn the television on. Tune it to any channel that does not receive — static if using an analog machine, plain black or a “no signal” screen if using a digital one. Place the remote control nearby.
  3. Leave the room. Do not enter it for three hours. If you live with other people, make sure they stay out of it, too.
  4. While you are waiting for the three hours to pass, gather the following items: The item of personal significance, the book, the key, the cell phone, and the weapon. Call your partner and have them come over. You may also invite over more friends or loved ones if desired. Brief them on what is about to occur.

Finding The Channel:

  1. Gather your partner(s) outside the quiet room. Items in hand, enter the room, leaving your partner(s) outside. Close the door behind you.
  2. Settle yourself in front of the television. Keep your eyes on the screen. Stay there until you begin to feel… different. Disoriented might be a good way to describe it, but the experience may not be the same for everyone.
  3. When you’ve reached the right mental state, call your partner(s) into the room.
  4. Select the partner who means the most to you. Hand the item of personal significance to them.
  5. Send your partner(s) out of the room. Instruct them not to come back in until you open the door yourself — regardless as to what they may or may not hear coming from inside.
  6. Close the door.
  7. Face away from the television. Listen closely.
    • If you hear silence: Do not proceed.
    • If you hear a noise: Pick up the remote control and turn to face the television. Proceed to Step 8. 
  8. A yes or no question will be displayed on the screen. Answer it with the remote: Press the “channel up” button for yes, and the “channel down” button for no. Answer truthfully.
  9. Do this for as many questions as appear on the screen.
  10. At the conclusion of the questions, one of three things may occur:
    • If your favorite television show appears on the screen: Watch it. It will be difficult, but do not look away, no matter what you might see. Proceed to Watching The Channel: Step 1.
    • If an image of the person or thing you hate most in the world appears on the screen: Pick up your weapon. Destroy the television screen. Proceed to Watching The Channel: Step 1.
    • If you look around you and feel like something is… off:
      1. Pick up the cell phone, the key, and the book; they will be available for you here. Then exit your home.
      2. Find the nearest public building. Open the door with the key. Enter.
      3. Inside the building, find a room with only one way in or out. Enter it and close the door behind you. Sit down. Read your book.
        • If you hear nothing: Do not proceed.
        • If you hear footsteps: Wait until they fade out of auditory range. Then begin to count, aloud, to 250. Proceed to Substep 4. 
      4. Listen.
        • If you hear three knocks: Open the door.
        • If you hear four knocks: Repeat the words “I forbid you” twice. Then open the door.
      5. If you open the door and…
        • …There is no one there: Do not proceed.
        • …There is a statue of a person you love outside: Destroy the statue. Proceed to Substep 6.
      6. Exit the building.
      7. Look at the moon.
        • If you see a pink half moon: Take out your cell phone. Call your third most recent contact. Proceed to Watching The Channel: Step 1.
        • If you see a pink full moon: Take out your cell phone. Call a random number. Before the person on the other end picks up, bite your tongue straight through. Proceed to Watching The Channel: Step 1.
        • If you see a green half moon: Remove your clothing. Run home. Don’t look back. Proceed to Watching The Channel: Step 1.
        • If you see a green full moon: You will be incapable of proceeding.

Watching The Channel:

  1. After completing any of those three scenarios, you will have reached Channel Infinity. You may now do any of the following:
    1. Press the “guide” function on your remote control. Select the show you believe will answer your most pressing question. Watch it carefully.
    2. Continue watching the static or “no signal” screen. Pay close attention to what, if anything, appears. If you look at it the right way, it, too, will answer your most pressing question.
    3. Something else. Anything else. You decide.

Ending The Show:

  1. Turn the television off.
  2. Leave the room.

Additional Notes:

This ritual may be performed using just the room, the television and the remote control, although it will likely be much more difficult without the other objects. If you choose to play it in this way, the following adjustments may be made:

  • Instead of handing an item of personal significance to your partner, hug them and whisper a secret in their ear.
  • Instead of unlocking the door to the building with the key, climb in a window.
  • Instead of reading the book, simply wait.
  • Instead of using the weapon to destroy the television screen, destroy it in some other way — kick through it, tip it over, etc.

The number of questions that appear during the questions phase may be as few as three, or as many as 26. No matter how many questions there are, the most important thing is to answer honestly. Failing to do so will cause the ritual to fail.

The number and variety of television shows that will appear as options on the “guide” function of Channel Infinity will depend on who you choose as partners. Consider them carefully. There is safety in numbers.

You may only watch Channel Infinity a maximum of four times over the course of your life. Choose your moments wisely.

Do not speak of what you learned after watching Channel Infinity. To anyone. Ever.

Concerning The Green Full Moon:

If you see one…

…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Channel Infinity: FAQ.


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[Photo via phrenzee/Flickr]


38 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: Channel Infinity

  1. What? Bite your tongue through? Wouldn’t that be the same as seeing a green full moon? ‘Cause I probably won’t be able to proceed choking on my blood and all.

    1. Apparently if you have to go to a public building it means you’re in an alternate dimension, and if you succeed there (no full green moon and do what’s required of you) you “wake up” back home, so maybe it’s only a reality there? As in, you’ll be back to normal once home? Not saying anything for definite in case I’m wrong, though 😛

  2. What does it mean by “do not proceed”? Does this mean you just leave the room or building and go on your marry way or do you just sit there until forever?

  3. If someone is planning to break an old(analog) TV with hammer or something similar, please use SAFETY GLASSES or better FULL FACE SHIELD and gloves !!

    1. I don’t think you can or should abort any ritual midway. That’s why it’s important to be 100% sure before starting

  4. What do the other partners do while you complete the ritual? Do they also need their books and stuff? What does the other partner do when theyou leave the room

    1. Imma do the exact wording from what ive read when you see a green full moon:

      Green and full: you’re screwed. You’ll be dead within half an hour.

    1. Well I read that you will die within 30 minutes… They way you die thought, probably varies from person to person and if you are killed or you just die is a mystery..

  5. Hey! According to the source if you see a green-full moon ,umm…you are screwed you’ll be dead within half an hour. Soooooo creeepppyy!!!

  6. the last part “i’m sorry,i am so sorry” really creeped me out.
    like i know you die in half an hour but putting it that way would have been less noise

  7. So your partners don’t go with you to the building, but if you see a green full moon you won’t go back to them, so are you essentially telling the people you chose “Hey, if you never see me again it’s because I’m being tortured by some hell demon have fun with that knowledge for the rest of your life”

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