Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring heeled JackPreviously: Mandy the Doll.

Type: PE (Preternatural Entity).

Period/location of origin: 1837, London, UK.

Appearance: Subject’s appearance varies by report; however, frequently cited characteristics include a goatee, pointed ears, horns, and glowing, red eyes. Subject is also often said to have talons, rather than fingers (talons may or may not be organic; some reports cite them as being metallic), and is sometimes described as being clad in white oilskin and/or a black cloak. Subject may or may not have the ability to breathe white and blue flames. For all intents and purposes, subject appears to be the quintessential “devil.”

Interestingly, several reports describe as tall, thin, and gentleman-like. Subject’s relationship to the PE known as “the Slender Man,” if any, remains unknown.

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The Most Dangerous Games: Frequently Asked Questions, Vol. V

bell book candle

Previously: Frequently Asked Questions, Vol. IV.

Time for another round of frequently asked questions! This time, we’ve got a lot of one shots for individual games; the one exception is The Man in the Fields Ritual, which attracted rather a large amount of queries. As I mentioned I’d start doing in the last FAQ volume, I’ve purposefully avoided answering any questions of the “what happens if I do this thing that expressly goes against the rules of the game?” variety; the reason why is laid out clearly here. However, there were a lot of interesting thoughts this time round about most of the games, so well done there, everyone.

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Abandoned: The Ghost Town Of Bodie, California                 

s.c. analog & digital/Flickr

Previously: Coco Palms Resort

In the low mountain range lying to the east of the Sierra Nevadas lies a town that, literally, time forgot. It’s called Bodie, California, and it’s a ghost town in the truest sense. Once the site of a flourishing gold mine, it’s been abandoned for decades, stuck in the same state it was in when the residents all moved away. And what’s more, some believe that it might be a ghost town in another sense, too — a slightly more literal one.

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Creepypasta of the Week: “NES Godzilla Creepypasta”


Previously: “The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp.”

The first thing you should know about the “NES Godzilla Creepypasta” is that it’s long. Really long. It’s probably one of the longest pastas that exists; as far as breadth goes, I think it might even trump the Haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge story (aka “Ben DROWNED,” which predates the Godzilla pasta by about a year). Created by sprite artist CosbyDaf, it was originally posted to the website Bogleech during the summer of 2011, bringing readers on an epic tale of love, loss, horror, and redemption at the hands of a questionable NES cartridge. The Godzilla pasta is also one of the most well-known video game pastas — and really, probably one of the most well-known pastas, period. In fact, it’s actually pretty astonishing that I haven’t covered it here on TGIMM before. Mea culpa.

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Unresolved: The Markovian Parallax Denigrate & Attempting To Find Order In Chaos


Previously: The Sodder Children.

20 years ago — almost 20 years ago exactly, in fact; the original date pegged to this phenomenon is Aug. 5, 1996 — a curious message began appearing in discussion groups on Usenet. Or perhaps more accurately, curious messages, plural; there were a huge number of them, and they were all similarly indecipherable. Consisting of long strings of seemingly random words — gibberish, really — the messages all had one thing that drew them together: Three words. Somewhere in the body of each post were the words “Markovian Parallax Denigrate” — not necessarily in that order or even grouped together, but definitely, undeniably present.

The Markovian Parallax Denigrate is commonly regarded as a number of online firsts, among them the first internet mystery and an early instance of spam (although it’s worth noting that the first major spam incident hit Usenet two years earlier in 1994). And two decades later, the mystery remains largely unsolved

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