The Most Dangerous Games: An Introduction to the Master FAQ

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The bad news: I don’t have an all-new post for you this week. The good news: There’s a very good reason for it — and in fact, I have something else for you instead. I devoted this week’s dedicated TGIMM time to assembling that master FAQ for “The Most Dangerous Games” I mentioned a little while ago; it includes every question and answer that’s been included in each volume of “The Most Dangerous Games: Frequently Asked Questions,” all in one handy place.

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The Most Dangerous Games: Tomino’s Hell

book2Previously: The Man in the Fields. 

The instructions for Tomino’s Hell are pretty simple — deceptively so. In fact, they’re so simple that it’s possible to play this game accidentally, although I, er… wouldn’t recommend putting yourself or anyone else in a position where that might happen if you can help it. The game was apparently once quite popular on 2ch, and although some who tried it reported that nothing happened, others who mentioned that they were going to give it a shot never reported back.

Why they were never heard from again remains to be seen.

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Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: Mandy the Doll

Previously: Help Me, Susie’s Dying.

Type: MO (Malevolent Object. See also: AnnabelleRobert.)

Period/location of origin: Early 20th century, Europe. The precise years and location are unknown, but it is believed that subject came into being circa 1910 – 1920 in England or Germany.

Appearance: Subject appears to be a porcelain baby doll dressed in a white christening gown and carrying a small stuffed lamb. The doll wears a white cap and shoes. Its face is cracked in several places, giving the appearance of scars.

Subject is most frequently referred to as “Mandy,” although may also answer to the name “Mereanda.”

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Creepypasta of the Week: “The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp”


Previously: “The Weird Part of YouTube.”

“The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp” is one of the earliest examples of a genre of creepypasta of which I’m particularly fond. I’m honestly not totally sure what to call this genre; “ritual” isn’t quite right, although there are elements of ritualistic pastas to be found in it, and neither is “travel,” although they often involve, well, travel. The best I’ve been able to do is “instructions,” since that’s what they’ve all got in common: They’re sets of instructions for how to do or find something… unusual. It’s the same genre as 200 Phenomena in the City of Calgary and The Holders Series; indeed, timeline-wise, “The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp” falls right between 200 Phenomena and  The Holders: The Holders dates back to 2007, “The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp” to 2008, and 200 Phenomena to 2009.

However, unlike The Holders and 200 Phenomena, the titular gallery seen here isn’t part of a larger whole. It exists on its own… and maybe that’s a good thing. I’d hate to find out what it would mean if the pictures you’ll see in Henri Beauchamp’s gallery were just the tip of the proverbial — and very bloody — iceberg.

If you go into this one tiny, dingy one-story bar in Paris, and the right bartender is behind the counter that night, you might be able to see a very exclusive gallery show of the lost works of one Henri Beauchamp. But, to get in, you have to prove you’re a devotee of the artist.

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