This House Has People In It, And They’re Not At All What They Seem — VIDEO

Created by Alan Resnick, “This House Has People In It” is an 11-minute short that aired recently on Adult Swim. It’s… unusual. Told through video surveillance footage captured by cameras set up in the house by (fictious company) AB Surveillance Solutions, the story that unfolds seems at first to feature merely a family suffering from suburban malaise as they set up a birthday party for one of their three children. But all is not what it seems, and when we say that this house has people in it, we mean it in more ways than one — sometimes very, very literally.

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The 11-minute video is also just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are far more videos to be found, and other files, too; in fact, there’s a whole ARG’s worth of information to unearth for those clever enough to find it. If you want to see the whole thing laid out in chronological order, you can watch the video below (and be sure to click over to its YouTube page for tons of information in the description); if, however, you’d rather figure it out yourself, start with the AB Surveillance Solutions website. You’ll need a username and a password first, though…


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