The Most Dangerous Games: Lady Spades


Previously: The Stranger Ritual.

The current prevailing version of Lady Spades hails from redditor jazzyfingers at the Three Kings subreddit; it may also be referred to as The Queen of Spades or Dama Pika. It’s similar to Bloody Mary in that the ritual involves calling up a woman — or at least, something that looks like a woman — in a mirror. Unlike Bloody Mary, however, the successful summoning of Lady Spades grants you the chance to make a wish… for a price, of course.

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There used to be a variation of this game available on the Creepypasta Wikia, although it appears the page was deleted in September of 2015. I’m unclear on the reason for the deletion, but as I recall, the story as it stood wasn’t particular well written, so maybe it was a QA kind of thing. That particular version involved multiple participants; to see it in action, head here

For what it’s worth, the famed Russian writer Alexander Pushkin wrote a short story called “The Queen of Spades” in 1833, later publishing it in 1834. It, too, involves a game of cards, although it’s more a game of chance than the one seen here. Either way, though…

Play at your own risk.


  • One principal.


  • A candle.
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Lipstick, preferably red, although other colors may also be acceptable.
  • A quiet, dark room.
  • A mirror. The mirror may be a fixture of the room (e.g. a bathroom mirror).
  • The Queen of Spades, pulled from a deck of cards.


The Summoning:

  1. Begin at midnight.
  2. Enter the quiet, dark room. Make sure all the lights are off.
  3. Place the candle in front of the mirror and light it with your matches or lighter.
  4. Using the lipstick, write “Lady Spades” on the mirror. Then hold the Queen of Spades in your hand such that she is facing the mirror.
  5. Close your eyes. Empty your mind. Relax, as much as you are able. Then repeat the words “Lady Spades, appear” aloud seven times.
  6. Keep your eyes closed and call up the image of Lady Spades in your mind. She will be dressed in black, with eyes to match, and although her smile can melt even the coldest of hearts, her face will be mangled and scarred. Do not panic if you hear a woman’s voice or laughter, or the echo of footsteps nearby; these sounds indicate a successful Summoning.
  7. Open your eyes.

The Wishing:

  1. If, upon opening your eyes, any of the following occur, do NOT proceed:
    • The candle is out;
    • The card is facing you;
    • The card is missing;
    • You see a woman in the mirror with her hands pressed up against it.
  2. Should any of these occurrences be observed, immediately enact the appropriate Ending for your situation as indicated below. If, however, you open your eyes and see a woman in the mirror with her hands by her sides, you may proceed.
  3. State your wish to the woman.
  4. No matter what happens next, do NOT break eye contact with her. If you do, immediately enact the appropriate Ending for your situation as indicated below.
  5. If she decides to grant your wish, she will smile at you and say, “Yes.”

The Ending:

  1. If the ritual is successful: Say the words, “Lady Spades, disappear.” Then wipe her name from the mirror, blow out the candle, and turn the lights on. Burn the Queen of Spades card to ash as soon as possible. Your wish should come true shortly.
  2. If the ritual is unsuccessful: Proceed as directed for each situation.
    • If you open your eyes and the candle has gone out: Relight it as quickly as possible, say the words, “Lady Spades, disappear,” wipe her name from the mirror, blow out the candle, and turn the lights on. Burn the Queen of Spades card immediately.
    • If you open your eyes and the card is facing you, rather than the mirror: Rip the card in half, say the words, “Lady Spades, disappear,” wipe her name from the mirror, blow out the candle, and turn the lights on. Burn the pieces of the Queen of Spades card immediately.
    • If you open your eyes and the card is missing: Break the mirror, turn on the lights, and attempt to locate the card in the room. If you find it, burn it. If you don’t, leave it and vacate the premises immediately.
    • If you open your eyes and the woman’s hands are pressed against the mirror: Break the mirror immediately. Vacate the premises and burn the card.
    • If you fail to maintain eye contact: Break the mirror immediately. Vacate the premises and burn the card.
    • If she declines to grant your wish: Break the mirror. Blow out the candle. Burn the card. Hope for the best.
  3. Do not attempt the ritual again. Ever.

Additional Notes:

If you open your eyes during the Summoning and everything is normal save for the mirror being empty or the absence of voices, laughter, or footsteps, the ritual has failed. There are no negative consequences for the ritual failing in this manner; however, it is still a good idea to repeat the words, “Lady Spades, disappear,” wipe the mirror clean, blow out the candle, and turn on the lights. Burn the card at your soonest convenience.

Do not attempt to end the game between the statement of your wish and the woman’s response. She doesn’t like being interrupted.

Lady Spades has a habit of sticking around. Even if the ritual is a success, it comes with a price.

Story Time:

Once upon a time, a young woman moved to a village in Eastern Europe from somewhere no one had ever heard of. Extraordinarily beautiful, she received rather a lot of attention from the men of the town; it was said that her smile could melt the heart of anyone upon whom she bestowed it. She dressed all in black, earning her the nickname Lady Spades, thanks to her resemblance to the playing card of the same name.

But her beauty was also her undoing. Brother turned upon brother, father against son, friend against lifelong friend, all in the name of winning just one, single smile from her. The women turned against her, too, blaming her for seizing the attention of their husbands and sweethearts. In an effort to save their village, the elders decided that there was only one solution: That she be removed from the equation.

An angry mob descended upon her house and found her brushing her hair before the mirror. The mob beat her savagely, tearing her beautiful face to shreds. Then they left her to die, with only her mirror — and her own ravaged visage — for company.

For three days she wept, her cries echoing through the village, until finally silence fell. But with her last breath, she cursed anyone who dared to say her name in front of a mirror. If you’re polite, she will make your fondest wish come true… but you don’t want to know what happens if you’re impolite.

And Whatever You Do:

Do NOT let her out of the mirror.

Lady Spades: FAQ.


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37 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: Lady Spades

  1. I recall reading a variant on this ritual, in which you’re instructed to draw a (simplified) set of steps and a door with lipstick on the mirror. Lady Spades will then enter by the door and descend the steps within the mirror, if I remember correctly. Have you also come across this variant?

  2. If you pick your words correctly, you may wish her to use the mirror as a window. Sometimes she be there, sometimes she won’t. However, should you re-enter and see her, remain calm and politely start conversation. Offer a formal goodbye to return to your own business. Should you offer an ‘Au Revoir’ she may return it with a smile.

    1. Yes, that is considered breaking eye contact. Anytime you aren’t looking directly into her eyes, you must proceed with the unsuccessful ending ritual.

    1. It’s when she puts her hands to the mirror. You have to break it or I guess she’ll come out.

  3. How can she come out of mirror? I mean is it possible? And also we cant just keep on looking at her without blinking because we will blink one or the other time. And it was written that she has a habit of sticking around. What does that mean? Will I see her every time I look into that mirror?

    1. The mirror resembles a portal from our world to her world. By breaking the mirror, the portal has been shattered, causing her to not be able to enter to our world.

      You would (from time to time if you do not break the mirror) see her. She has a habit of sticking around, but I think this context means that she would stay a few days in the mirror (or in the house)

  4. What if you wish for her freedom? Will she be eternally greatful or give you some kind of thank you or will doing that basically screw you? Because granting wishes is probably very tireing and any wish granting spirits would probably be verry grateful.

    1. In my theory, she would say ‘yes’, but doing so, she would enter our world, and reside there as long as she wants.

  5. Just wondering, since all these games say nobody else should be in your home… does that mean you shouldn’t play these games if you live in a flat/apartment? Sorry if this is a stupid question :/

  6. I know this post is old bit a bit of interesting non-related trivia: in using playing cards for divination, spades symbolize misfortune.

    1. Not always…It can represent the Air sign, personal characteristics, conflicts yes, but generally a battle within the mind

    1. Sometimes, the case of you attempting to make another wish to a spirit if they only give you a pass for one, they’ll think you’re being greedy. It upsets them, a lot. Spirits are pretty sensitive. That’s why I choose to be a very nice person!

  7. Has anyone played it, and does it work? Can you wish for anything? I mean anything? I really want to play this game but I’m kinda scared and I need to find courage…

  8. Breh. Wish rituals should be the FIRST rituals you EVER do. When doing the wish ritual, wish for immortality, then just do whatever ritual you want.

    1. watch out when wishing for immortality… her granting that wish would be rare and the ability to live forever doesn’t mean that nothing can kill you. the word you might be thinking of is invincible. i also don’t think you should do too many of these…

      1. Meh. I mean like to never die. EVER. Not even by spirits. Plus. I said wish rituals. I didnt state a specific ritual, but 11 miles is the one i would prefer.

    2. Impossible. You can’t wish for immortality, that’s too much for them to work on. If you wanna be safe, then don’t play the games.

  9. Do you think she’d grant a wish for someone (a specific someone, I mean) to love me? From the story, it sounds like she might have some negative experiences with love (or at least lust) and I don’t want to make her angry.
    This wish is just really important to me and I don’t want to mess it up, but I am willing to take a risk like this. (If details matter, the person I want is already in a relationship. Basically. the only way I’ll get a chance with them is if magic is involved.)

    1. I mean, you COULD… but would you really want to be in a relationship with someone who only loves you because you manipulated them into it by magical means? That takes away their agency and free will — which doesn’t quite sit right. It’s not real love; it’s forced love, which isn’t really love at all.

      I’d recommend letting whoever it is go and looking elsewhere, especially since they’re already in a relationship with someone else. I know it’s hard, but you deserve someone who loves you both deeply and honestly of their own free will. Everyone does.

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