The Most Dangerous Games: The Stranger Ritual

dark door

Previously: The Apex.

The Stranger Ritual  appears to be quite a recent invention; the first incarnation of it was uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki on October 29, 2014 by someone going by the name Sylar1610 (a Heroes fan, I presume). Similarly to many games — the Hosting Gamethe Knockertell,  the Midnight Game, and so on — the summoning portion involves the use of a door — although exactly who or what you might be summoning remains to be seen. The Stranger Ritual is sort of a “deal with the devil” game, although which devil you might be dealing with isn’t exactly clear.

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I can’t really in good conscience recommend that anyone play any of the games we talk about here at TGIMM, but this one? This one is particularly not recommended. Willfully doing harm to others is a big no-no in my book — and in many other books, as well.

You’re not just playing at your own risk here. You’re playing at someone else’s, too.


  • One principal.


  • One door, ideally made out of wood. The door must have a lock, but it must not have any windows or peepholes.
  • One white candle.
  • One black candle.
  • A lighter or matches.
  • A gift. The gift should NOT be a power object; indeed, it should be essentially the opposite of a power object — something with no connection to you whatsoever. Ideally, purchase or otherwise acquire the gift on the day you intend to complete the ritual. Candy or a sweet of some sort is recommended.
  • A writing implement. Chalk is recommended.
  • A photograph of a person fitting the following specifications:
    • You must have taken the photograph yourself.
    • The photograph must be as recent as possible.
    • The photograph must not depict anyone in your immediate family.


The Invitation:

  1. Begin after nightfall. You may begin at any time as long as the sun has gone down; however, for maximum results, it is recommended that you begin as close to midnight as possible.
  2. Make sure you are alone in your chosen location. Close any windows, pull any curtains, cover any mirrors, and turn the lights off. Keep the photograph somewhere on your person.
  3. Close the door. With your writing implement, write the word “Stranger” on it.
  4. Place the two candles on either side of the door (which color is placed on which side is inconsequential). Light the candles using the matches or lighter.
  5. Place your gift in front of the door. If the door opens towards you, make sure that the gift is far enough in front of it that it will not touch or be knocked over by the door when it is opened.
  6. Knock on the door three times.
  7. Wait.
    • If you hear silence: Do not proceed. Wipe the word from the door, lock it, and blow out the candles. Wait until sunrise. After the sun has risen, you may unlock and open the door.
    • If you hear three knocks coming from the other side of the door: You may proceed. Open the door slightly — no more than an inch or two — but do not look outside it. After you have cracked the door open, turn around and place your back to both the door and your gift.

The Exchange of Gifts:

  1. Behind you, the door will open fully. You will feel a presence; this indicates that the Stranger has arrived. Do NOT turn around. Do NOT look at the Stranger.
    • If the Stranger does not approve of your gift: Do not proceed. Do not turn around. Do not look at the Stranger. Apologize to the Stranger. Remain where you are until sunrise.
    • If, for any reason, you do not wish to continue at this point: Apologize to the Stranger and politely ask it to leave. The door will close, at which point you may turn around, wipe the word from the door, lock it, and blow out the candles. Wait until sunrise. Do NOT unlock the door before the sun has risen.
    • If the Stranger approves of your gift: It will request from you a name. Look at your photograph and say aloud the name of the person it depicts.
  2. Wait.
  3. You will hear the door close, and the Stranger’s presence will fade. After both the door has closed and the presence has disappeared, turn around; your gift should no longer be present. Wipe the word from the door, lock it, and blow out the candles. Wait until sunrise. Do NOT unlock the door until the sun has risen.
  4. As soon as possible, burn the photograph to ashes. Do NOT neglect this step.

The Results:

  1. Keep an eye on the obituaries over the next three days. If you see the name you gave to the Stranger appear, the ritual may be considered a success — insofar as any ritual of this ilk may be considered a success.

Additional Notes:

So long as you do not turn around or look at the Stranger, you need not fear it; it is your guest, and as such, it will not harm you. However, if the Stranger does not approve of your gift or if you choose to abort the ritual after the Stranger has arrived, it is not recommended that you attempt the ritual again in the future — ever. The Stranger will be most displeased with you.

After the Stranger has arrived, it is imperative that you do not turn around or look at it. The consequences of doing so may vary from person to person, but at best, the Stranger will never leave.

You don’t want to find out what happens at worst.

Concerning the Photograph:

Do NOT neglect to burn it. If the photograph has not been destroyed by fire by the time the victim has expired… well, let’s just say you’ll be in no condition to keep an eye on the obituaries.

The Stranger Ritual: FAQ.


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55 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: The Stranger Ritual

      1. It could be that’s why he said to not take the picture of your immediate family member I recommend to not perform this ritual you dont want to hurt someone

    1. it has been completed. if you turn around and look at the stranger, you may either die i think or the ones who have survived has either gone insane and gone blind, the strangers presence NEVER leaves.

    2. then your ritual has succeeded. if you look at the strange you
      A. die
      B. if you survive go blind
      D. go insane
      the person with that name will die if it has succeeded, the common way the person has died is a heart attack. if you succeeded the ritual and DO NOT burn the picture, the picture will fade and become a picture of you and thats a sign you will die in 3 days.

  1. How long will it take to hear the 3 knocks instantly or what? Don’t want to be confused and end to early due to silence.

    1. Dude that’s an amazing idea. 100000000 points to you sir or madam or person of the internet. I respect you dude!

    1. Something could come after you, after all you just performed dark magic. If you don’t have a lock on your door. perhaps purify the area and put a ring of salt around the room. this is just a suggestion though if you want to be safe for sure install a dead bolt.

    1. Hell yeah, there’ll be a price. You just killed someone without doing it yourself. That kind of shit can come right back to you.. Who knows, someday someone might get really angry and start sending out demons to your house or something. There’s a price for everything.

      1. That’s true, if someone who loved or really cared about the person you killed get’s really angry and wants avenge them (If they find out you sent a demon to kill them) They might do the same ritual to you. That or you might have to live with the guilt you killed a person.

  2. Could you use a digital picture of the person? If so, would you just have to delete the photo or would you have to burn the device it’s on?

  3. also does it matter if there are other people in the house but their doors are salted and closed and the ritual took place in a different room?

  4. It says that I have to have taken the photograph myself. If I were to take a photograph of a photograph (I.e. Took a picture of someone’s ID photo) would that count as a photograph I took?
    P.s don’t worry, I don’t actually want to try this!

  5. If I take the picture using a camera that retains a memory if the pictures I took, do I have to delete it off the camera afterwards? Also, why do I have to burn the picture afterwards? Do I have to burn any other pictures of that person I might have taken?

  6. So all the people who do this have murder on there minds! Creepy ! Your obviously trying this, to have a demon kill someone you don’t like. Remember you reap what you sow!

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