The Most Dangerous Games: The Stranger Ritual

dark doorPreviously: The Apex.

The Stranger Ritual  appears to be quite a recent invention; the first incarnation of it was uploaded to the Creepypasta Wiki on October 29, 2014 by someone going by the name Sylar1610 (a Heroes fan, I presume). Similarly to many games — the Hosting Gamethe Knockertell,  the Midnight Game, and so on — the summoning portion involves the use of a door — although exactly who or what you might be summoning remains to be seen. The Stranger Ritual is sort of a “deal with the devil” game, although which devil you might be dealing with isn’t exactly clear.

I can’t really in good conscience recommend that anyone play any of the games we talk about here at TGIMM, but this one? This one is particularly not recommended. Willfully doing harm to others is a big no-no in my book — and in many other books, as well.

You’re not just playing at your own risk here. You’re playing at someone else’s, too.

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Creepypasta of the Week: “Extra Ketchup”


Previously: “Are You Still There? (Chatroom).”

Another one by our buddy Christopher Howard “Slimebeast” Wolf. “Extra Ketchup” may not break any new ground, but it’s an effective version of an old classic; it’s one that sticks with you, even when you think you’ve forgotten it.

Which old classic? That, I won’t say. It’ll spoil the fun. Just know that if you ever try to go in search of a restaurant called Honkers… you’re going to have a bad time.

Peter had this obnoxious way of withholding important information.

He’d tell you half a story, give you some sliver of knowledge, then flash his wide-eyed, square-toothed grin and you knew what was coming next.

“It’s no fun if I just TELL you!”


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Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: Annabelle the Doll

Previously: The Salt and Pepper Lady.

Type: MO (Malevolent Object. See also: Robert the Doll.)

Period/location of origin: Unknown, although subject surfaced as an antique in a hobby store in 1970.

Appearance: Subject appears to be an antique Raggedy Ann doll with red yarn hair, a floral dress, a white pinafore and bloomers, and red and white striped stockings — not, as is commonly believed, a porcelain doll. Raggedy Ann dolls have been produced in the United States by various different toy companies since 1920; it is unknown which version subject may be, although subject’s details — namely the facial features and the dress — suggest it may be a Georgene Novelties creation from the 1940s or 1950s.

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Back Next Week

Hey gang,

I’m happy to report that TGIMM will finally be back to its regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, allow me to present to you this intensely bizarre video; it’s had the Internet collectively scratching its head for the past few weeks, even though it appears it’s been around for much longer than that. Is it a prank? A marketing stunt? Something much, much more dangerous than that? We don’t know yet, but the folks of r/Creepy have been hard at work trying to crack the code.

Have fun, kids.

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