What To Do On Halloween


Watch Something

Here are some suggestions. Have fun, kids.


Play Something

Video games are always good. I’ve been saving Until Dawn for the perfect moment, and Halloween might just be the perfect occasion to crack it open. If you’re a PC gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun has an excellent list of mostly mainstream PC picks; for indie stuff, check out this post on Bloody Disgusting. Want something free? The r/horrorgaming subreddit has you covered.

Or, play a different sort of game. You know the kind I mean. I haven’t covered this one yet, but it must necessarily be performed right as the clock ticks over from October 30 to October 31, so now might be a good time to give it a shot.

Or not, depending on how lucky you’re feeling.

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The Best Horror Movies on Netflix, October 2015 — And Why They’re Worth Your Time

film reelHappy October, everyone! I’m still in the process of dealing with all that Major Life Stuff, so I may have to take off for a few weeks again in November — but it’s Halloween season, so obviously I can’t let that go unremarked. As such, I’ll be back to rolling out content throughout the month, some of which will step away a little bit from the formats TGIMM typically employs.

To start, let’s take a look at some of the best horror movies currently available to stream on Netflix Watch Instantly, because there is no better way to spend a gloomy day in October than by queuing up a marathon of weirdness. This list is by no means exhaustive; it also focuses less on the classics (which I assume you’ve already seen — and if you haven’t, hey, Hellraiser, Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, and more are currently available, so get on that, stat) or big budget films (most of which just don’t really do it for me) in favor of smaller budget, foreign, and/or indie films. Generally I find the lack of a huge budget forces artists to be a heck of a lot creative, and as a result, I think these sorts of horror films are much more interesting than ones with a whole bunch of money behind them. I also realize that “best” is kind of a relative term — I may love these films; you may hate them — but, well… just roll with it. We’ll go through a few different categories as we work our way down: Things I’ve seen, things I haven’t seen but hear great things about, and a couple of bonuses.

Got something in mind I haven’t listed here that we should all give a shot? Leave it in the comments.

Now! Let’s get this (dead man’s) party started, shall we?

Things I’ve Actually Seen:

I’ve watched all of the films in this category, and although they’re certainly not perfect, they all struck me for one reason or another. Whether or not they’re actually “scary” is probably a personal matter (if you’ve seen as many horror flicks as I have, you’re likely hard to frighten), but what they do all do is use the horror genre — and various subgenres within it — in unique ways that comment on something larger than themselves.

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