The Search Terms from the Black Lagoon: The Hollow Earth, the Hello Kitty Doll of Clinton Road, and More Queries Answered

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Previously: Shortwave Spirit Radios and More.

Welcome back to The Search Terms from the Black Lagoon, in which I take the weird and unusual search terms that led people to The Ghost in My Machine and try to figure out exactly what you were looking for. I’ve been finding lately that the terms in my analytics are slightly less bizarre than they used to be; I suppose that’s the price I pay for my SEO being on point. In any event, though, there are still a few that might be worth exploring; let’s get started, shall we?

  1. “What is the center of the earth? Funny answer”

I’m assuming that a) your search brought you to the Well to Hell’s Encyclopaedia page, and b) you’re not interested in what’s actually at the center of the earth. Maybe you’re looking for some information about the Hollow Earth? It’s definitely been disproven many, many times, but it persists as a conspiracy theory even so.

  1. “Should I or shouldn’t I game instructions”

I suspect you’re looking for “Should I or Shouldn’t I? What Would Others Think?” It can be a useful developmental tool for elementary, middle, and high school students; it’s not, however, the kind of game you’ll generally find here at The Ghost in My Machine. Sorry if you ended up journeying down a rabbit hole you never wanted to find while looking for the appropriate game.

  1. “Is the poor house in Bangs, Ohio haunted?”

Like all abandoned places, the Knox County Poorhouse has its fair share of ghost stories. It’s up to you to decide whether you believe them or not. Although there used to be a high-octane (and totally fictional) haunted attraction called The House of Nightmares run out of the poorhouse’s ruins, it had to cease operation in 2006 after four floors of the place collapsed.

  1. “Burning pazased dolls”

If by “pazased,” you mean “possessed,” various things are thought to happen if you burn a doll believed to be possessed. Some think it acts as a purifying act; others think it releases whatever is suspected to be in the doll in the first place out into the world. If you don’t want to chance it either way, you can always do what Ed and Lorraine Warren did with Annabelle the doll (warning: Autoplay music) and keep it shut away in a case from which it can’t possibly escape.

  1. “The Blair Witch museum”

Given that The Blair Witch Project was a work of fiction, I’d be pretty surprised if there was an actual museum dedicated to the mythology (as impressive as it may be) out there. However, the Indianapolis Museum of Art screened the film this past October; additionally, if you’re looking for information on the Bell Witch, the cave she allegedly occupied is in Adams, Tennessee.

  1. “Clinton Road Hello Kitty doll”

I don’t know how she got there, what she was doing there, or who put her there, but I found her when I visited Clinton Road this past fall. I’m not the only one to have spotted her, either.

  1. “People who have played the midnight game and turned on a light”

I wouldn’t recommend it. That’s a surefire way to get yourself caught by the Midnight Man.

‘Til next time, Googlers!

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