The Most Dangerous Games: The Doors of Your Mind


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Although The Doors of Your Mind has been reposted in a number of places, I’m pretty sure it first appeared on the r/ThreeKings subreddit roughly two years ago. Shortly after The Three Kings game itself took r/NoSleep on by storm, a spin-off sub devoted solely to “recipes” and experiences for similar games was created. It played host to a huge flurry of activities right after its creation; since then, it’s slowed down somewhat, with new posts being fewer and arriving further between. It’s still an interesting place to visit, though, so check it out if you haven’t already.

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This game is also sometimes referred to as “Doors to the Mind,” although it shouldn’t be confused with the creepypasta “Gateway of the Mind.” According to redditor u/brickell, it’s not nearly as dangerous as many of these sorts of rituals tend to be; it’s still best to proceed with caution, though. After all, you never know what might be lurking in the corners of your own head.

As always, play at your own risk.


  • 1 principal.
  • 1 partner.


  • A quiet room.
  • A few candles.
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • An alarm clock.
  • A pillow (optional).
  • A recording device (optional).


The Prelude:

  1. Begin whenever you feel most relaxed.
  2. Find a quiet room, dim the lights, and set up your candles. Use the matches or lighter to light the candles, being mindful of fire hazards as you do so. If you would like to record your experience, set up your chosen device and begin recording.
  3. Set the alarm clock to go off one hour from the time you begin.
  4. Have your partner sit on the floor; you yourself should lie down with your head in your partner’s lap, facing up. You may use your pillow if you like. Close your eyes.
  5. Have your partner begin rubbing your temples in slow, circular motions. The tempo should be steady, and the overall feeling relaxing. Keep your eyes closed.
  6. Your partner will function as your guide for this next portion. Have them speak the following words to you: “You are at one end of a very long corridor. There are numerous doors on both sides of this corridor, spanning the entire length. I want you to explore these doors and the rooms behind them. Describe to me what you can see, hear, touch, and feel with great detail.”

The Exploration:

  1. At this point, you should find yourself in the corridor. Traverse it, exploring the doors that line it and the rooms kept behind the doors; as you go, describe each and every thing you encounter. There are no rules as to how best to explore the corridor and its rooms; you may, however, find the following tips helpful:
    • Pay as much attention to yourself as to your surroundings. What are you wearing? What’s in your pockets? Do you have anything meaningful about your person? Whatever you find, it might be useful.
    • Take a good look (and feel, and so on) of each door before you open it. What color is it? What size and shape is it? What does the handle look like? Is the handle an unusual temperature? These details and more might provide hints about what waits behind the door itself.
    • You do not have to open every door. Trust your instincts: If you feel it would be unwise to enter one… don’t open it.

The Return:

  1. When the alarm goes off, your partner should guide you back to the real world. The exact words spoken to do so are up to your partner, but in all cases, the corridor should recede and any doors that have been opened should be closed by the end.
  2. Once you have returned, blow out the candles and turn off the recording device (if using). You may listen to your recording at your leisure; or, you may choose never to listen to it. It’s entirely up to you.

Additional Notes:

  • This game may be played as many times as you desire. After you have played it enough times, you may no longer require the alarm clock; your partner should be able to determine when you are ready to make your way back.
  • If you enter a room filled with clocks, do NOT touch any of the clocks and leave the room immediately.
  • If you encounter an old woman, do NOT speak to her and leave the room immediately.
  • If you encounter a man in a suit — particularly one who inspires feelings of unease or dread —describe him immediately to your partner. Your partner should then end the session, regardless as to whether the alarm has gone off. If your partner is unable to end the session, do NOT speak to him and leave the room immediately.
  • Some doors may be locked, blocked, or otherwise barred. Check your person to see if you have a key; if you don’t, however, do not worry — you may simply not be ready to deal with whatever is behind it yet. Leave the door closed and move on.
  • It is not unheard of for personages encountered in specific rooms to lock you inside. One player recounted an instance in which his partner — in this case, his sister — was required to shake him violently in order to pull him back into reality.

A Word of Advice:

Tread carefully. Your mind is not always your friend.

The Doors of Your Mind: FAQ.


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103 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: The Doors of Your Mind

  1. If I try it, my best friend would probably be ‘partner’ and perhaps we take turns being principal and partner but to bring us back both of us would say something like:
    Or encountering the crazy dude in a suit:

    1. I dunno…..I’m nervous! I have more negative and scary thoughts than positive and… I just dunno! It sounds pretty cool though!😆

  2. OKAY let me say LET’S DO THIS AGAIN. I lead myself through it, without a partner, and I’ll tell you how it went.
    I checked myself for anything useful, only finding a flashlight and a few candies. I’m wearing slacks, a tight shirt, and a jacket. My shoes seem big. While performing the game I was actually wearing a fandom tee and jeans. I’m utterly creeped but still somewhat conscious. I just wander around, and all the doors seem…weird. I find a blue coloured door that looks pleasant enough, and I find it is filled with clocks. I hurry out and leave. Somehow some voice said ‘tick-tock, goes the clock. Tick-tock.’ I feel creeped and run. I meet a man in a suit but I’m not worried because he seems to be pleasant and doesn’t give me dreadful feelings. I just feel a bit of a message telling me to leave the room because he seems peculiar, I just leave the room, not ending the session yet, however. I leave and it starts to seem dark so I use my flashlight. I meet the old woman in a room and she locks me in. She begins to grab a weapon of sorts and right away I wake myself up. I survived this game, wooo!

    1. I actually played the game with my sister and it worked on me (she could play it to but for some reason no matter what it didn’t work) and I was about to go in a room when a door randomly opens down the hallway and so I go to it. In the room is a man only he wasn’t like what is described in this his figure was pitch black and he had a lighter black smoke covering him. Weirdest part? I wasn’t scared of him, more of intrigued and I for some reason unexplained said leave I didn’t mean to and it’s not what I wanted either one of us to do. But I would like to point out that every time I played I knew what I was saying and I knew what was going on between the two places and yet at that point for some reason I said leave?

      1. i wouldn’t recommend it, its unsafe to travel alone. waking up by yourself proves difficult if someone is not outside your mind.

    2. Okay, once you got to the “Tick tock, goes the clock,” part, I almost thought you were trolling by referencing that one Doctor Who episode, especially when you said you encountered a man in a suit.

  3. I played and I’m scared shitless. This is what happened. As soon as it started I was falling and I landed in my families corpses. I screamed and jumped off the pile, instantly falling again through a dark abyss. I saw a door half burnt and by listening close I heard screams. I obviously left it. After a while of a oddly odorless corridor I noticed that I was being followed. I turned around and saw my partner. We started talking and he said “turn around quickly!” I turned round and saw the old lady carrying my corpse whilst the suited man was talking to her about how he was sorry how their ‘son’ had died. I shouted at them and they shot at me but the lady had threw a knife at me. I fell to my knees crying. Holding my wound. I woke up in a hospital bead…

    1. Aww…I feel like when..if..I play this game, this is what will happen to me…My mind is way to fucked up to play this game…Regardless, I still want to play this game.

    2. It could resemble your troubles that have happened or imagined in your past life or you experience in your lifetime and your mind is just responding like it would if you THINK you are going to die

    1. The whole point of the game is to get a thrill of seeking what’s in your mind, and anything you may encounter in this experience may tell you something about yourself that you never knew.

    2. As the others said, it can be seen as a form of thrill seeking and good for stories but if you do it with a friend or at a party ( as my friends and I had a get together today where we did the ritual ), it’s actuall a nice and interesting way of getting to know a person.

  4. I have some questions…
    1: Can you use a cell phone as an alarm clock?
    2: What if your partner is unable to wake you?
    3: Can any harm come to you in the corridors? And if so, does it cross over onto you in real life?
    4: Can you die playing this, if all my questions come true?

    1. Yes so long as you can set the alarm.

      Then you will have to rely on yourself to wake up. You must be willful enough to wake yourselk my friend.

      And not physically but with any deep trance pain it WILL feel real and might even convince your brain you are dying. causing things to shut down.

      As such possibly.

    2. 1. Do NOT substitute a cell phone as a alarm clock.
      2. Your not actually asleep when you’re doing this, but if your partner cannot bring you back to reality, the alarm clock certainly will.
      3. Unless you physically harm yourself in reality when you’re doing this, harm in the corridor or any of the rooms will not crossover in real life.
      4. You technically COULD die from this, getting mentally scarred can lead to death, but unless your mind is so twisted and warped, you can’t really die from this.

      Hope this helps!

  5. It says if you meet the man or old lady to leave the room immediately….Should you close the doors or just leave them open? Wouldn’t they be able to follow you? What if when you open one of the doors, they are both standing right infront of the door? What if they’re all in the same room? Too many questions…so little info to turn to

    1. Close the door after making sure you weren’t followed. Check the room to make sure they’re still there, and listen for distant footsteps in the corridor, because yes, you can be followed—mind you, not by anything that doesn’t already exist somewhere in a deep dark recess of your brain. But yeah, if you don’t want to open that can of worms, close the door. Also, keep in mind that once you close a door, you cannot EVER open it again without the help of the lady, and you really don’t want the lady’s ‘help’; the price is not worth paying. Also, regarding the no-go places, your gut will let you know when you’re standing in front of one of those doors in the form of crippling sensations of dread, so you won’t find anything unless you want to/are stupid enough to. If you talk to anybody but your guide, you’re in too deep. To get away from them, slam the door in their face, keeping in mind that you’ll find them in places that your mind doesn’t want you and your soul to find. Some things are best kept hidden y’know. If they’re all in the same room, slam the door. If in doubt, slam the door (only from the outside!)

  6. I have a few questions:
    1: Why should you leave if you find a man in a suit or old lady?
    2: I have played this before and I seemed to glitch a lot, what does that mean?
    3: I have heard about NOT going through a room that has a black door and I was wondering why?
    4: I have also heard that if the handle of the door is really cold or really hot NOT to go in it and again I was wondering why?

    1. Here’s an answer
      1: Why should you leave if you find a man in a suit or old lady?
      = Man in a suit and/or old lady is an outsider. Remember, its your mind, so it could not have been anyone else. Since it has been said that you should leave after seeing an old lady or a man in a suit, its possible that they are your fear, in a form of something weak or vulnerable. And the deeper you go, the dangerous they get. thats why we should avoid them as soon as we see them. Thats why guides are really useful.

      2: I have played this before and I seemed to glitch a lot, what does that mean?
      = a) Your mind is not prepared yet. Either the room has a disturbing elements (such as noise) or you have a second thought about it
      b)Your mind wont allow you to enter but you (forcefully) enter your mind, making it glitched out (just like a computer)
      c)Thats how your mind shows you, an incomplete set of halls

      3: I have heard about NOT going through a room that has a black door and I was wondering why?
      =Color has an impact on our brain, as we associate color with emotions. Red means angry, Blue means calm and etc.Black usually associates with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. Thats why we SHOULD NOT enter it.

      4: I have also heard that if the handle of the door is really cold or really hot NOT to go in it and again I was wondering why?
      =I’m not too sure about this one.. but temperature on the door knobs probably means what the conditions behind each door, and the secrets hidden within. If the door knob is really cold, then it means the condition inside the room is cold, like a freezer. and the secret is cold too and vice versa for a door with a very hot knob.(our body can’t stand extreme heat and cold temperature and if exposed too much, death is coming. Which basically killing ourself in the real world) Thats why we should always inform our guide about what are we wearing. You might never know that your clothes can get into that same room.

      I hope these answer can answer your question

  7. For somebody with emotional trauma or emotional disorders, is anything in the “doors” other than the old woman or man in the suit that are capable of hurting you or deepening any psychological problems? Are the feelings of unease or dread just feelings? Or a warning?

    1. Anything in the doors can harm you psychologically. It’s your mind, a world in which your perceptions truly shape everything. The woman and man in suit are simply common forms different kinds of fear or uncertainty take. I wouldn’t really recommend playing this if you have serious mental self-harm or emotional disorders. It is your mind, so the feelings-a mind only concept-are likely more real there than elsewhere, so I would definitely heed them.

    1. Possibly. My cousin and I have both played this twice, and she was in the same corridor both times, whilst I wasn’t.

    2. You have the same corridoor same doors different order different things in the rooms. If you see one person you won’t see them again the next time you play it.

  8. So, I did this. Things got strange. (I didn’t remember most of it, but this is what my partner said) for the first five to ten minutes things were pretty normal, with nothing evil or scary, just the strange things that tend to lurk in the mind.
    Then I opened a door that was a fading cyan. He said I described the handle as a rusting antique brass lever ‘contraption.’ I opened it because it felt safe. When I was young I had a reoccurring dream of a house in a field with a door like that, and inside was always a dusty but inviting sunlit kitchen.
    That was not the case now. I opened it and inside was a giant cat. It had kind of a pointed face, was grey with white bits, and very large ears. My partner said that the way I described it reminded him of a giant version of the Pokèmon called Glameow, but as a realistic cat. I did not move away but I did not enter. For the entire rest of the session, I described that cat. I said things like ‘she wants to understand me the same way some scientists study worms’ and he said that I constantly repeated that she was big enough to swallow me whole. I also described her eyes a lot, and my partner very specifically told me that I said: “her head is high above mine, held regally as she gazes at me. I can’t move from her gaze, but she won’t hurt me if I don’t get closer. She doesn’t really care about me…”
    Am I broken? I’ve never owned a cat as most of my family is allergic, but animals are often very friendly towards me, even notoriously mean or aloof animals. Can somebody interpret this for me?

    1. I could be wrong, but sounds like an evil female jinn.
      Don’t think about them, they will be aware.
      What you choose to do with this info is in your own hands, but if I were you, I would leave the affair as it is. The consequences aren’t worth it, especially spiritually-speaking.

    2. I think you may have a deep want to have a pet but it seems like too large a responsibility for you inside your head. I could be wrong but you should believe more in yourself!

  9. I would so play this game but I have a few problems with this. 1.) I’m not strong enough to do it by myself because id never be able to wake myself up. 2.) the only people I’d trust to help me do this would either freak out because I can’t even get her to run around in Skyrim because she doesn’t want to hurt the animals but the other person would probably slap me awake and I don’t react well when I wake up to both being slapped and an blaring alarm clock… Also, what would happen if you walked up to the suit man and flicked him on the nose..? I mean that’s a stupid question but if you don’t speak to him buy still bother him, will anything happen

    1. If you don’t think you’re ready, I don’t suggest doing it by yourself. Ask your friends if they thought they could do it. If not, just don’t do it, not yet at least. Second, I really don’t recommend approaching the man and the old lady. Even if you don’t speak they could be dangerous either way. So better to just leave

  10. I played this game last summer with my younger sister; she was my guide. I don’t actually remember much of the incident–in fact, I completely forgot that it happened. I only remembered some time ago when I picked up one of my older drawings. Immediately after the game, I had drawn some of the people I saw. I had to ask my sister who they were when I found the picture again. She described the game to me and was shocked that I didn’t remember, considering how unsettled I was afterwards. She said I wouldn’t even let her play. Anyway, my drawing depicted:

    An old woman in a chair (she was smiling sweetly, and at the time of playing we weren’t aware that she was dangerous, but my sister advised me to pass her anyway. I wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t).

    Three people, having an argument (I think it was a father, a daughter, and the daughter’s boyfriend. The boyfriend wasn’t really arguing though–I think he just looked uncomfortable. Maybe the father didn’t approve of their relationship? I don’t know what that has to do with me, however).

    A tall, sad young man (my sister said that I wanted to help him, because he seemed so, so sad. He apparently followed me around for a short period of time, until he sat down in a room with a TV. She said she never trusted him, but I liked him very much).

    A young business man (he shook my hand and talked very fast. He never stopped smiling. He reminded me of the stereotypical New Yorker. I couldn’t tell if he was my agent or if he was trying to sell me something).

    A painting of a crying woman (her tears ran over the frame and down the wall, and her eyes followed me. My sister said she guided me out of that room immediately, just because it was unnerving).

    A college-age boy, holding a red solo cup (my sister told me one of my rooms had a party, and I had stepped on his foot. When I tried to apologize, he just stared at me. I think it has to do with my social anxiety? Or maybe a fear of older boys and men? I’m not sure).

    And a man in a suit (he was drawn with a long, long shadow following him in my picture. My sister said that I had described him to her in great detail, down to the “hungry?” look on his face, but now I don’t even remember the color of the suit).

    If you read all of this, I appreciate it. Maybe you could help figure out who some of these people are or represent? Thank you. Do you like brownies? Have a virtual brownie.

  11. Can anyone clarify with me if you can hear your partners voice once you are in there? it only says that you can hear them at the start and the finish. also can someone give me a list of things to look out for? (good and bad, list them please!)

    1. We tried this with two of my friends and yes, unless you’re in too deep ( as someone else described ), you should be able to hear your friend. That or they can help influence your decisions if things go wrong ( which is what we did with our second friend ). Aside from what’s listed in the instructions, I would really watch out for anything that makes you/the principle uncomfortable or scared. The moment you start to feel that skel thing is wrong or a gut feeling that you shouldn’t touch something, avoid it as it’s probably for the better

  12. I played this with a friend once. It took much convincing to get her to play this, but it went like this:

    Me: What are you wearing?

    Friend: (whispers after 7 sec) I don’t know

    Me: You don’t know?

    Friend: (whispers after 3 sec) yes

    Me: Okay, what color is the door to the left of you?

    Friend (whispers after 5 sec) yellow

    Me: Does the room give you bad, good, or no vibes?

    Friend: (whisper after 9 sec) no vibes

    Me: Can you go in it?

    But then I got a text from my Dad telling me to come home for supper so I never got to see the room 😦

  13. It wouldnt work for me but it did to my partner. There was a door to the celing. Hafter finally being able to go there a kid with a kife made her fall back down the way she came. I tried to make her describe what was hapenning. With no awser from her, i woke her up.

    1. Completely. Its like reading a book in a library. You don’t want to be disturbed while you are doing it.

  14. I really want to play this, and I feel like any of the guides I would have (all of the options being close friends) would be really into this. But I’m wondering, can there be multiple people in the room with you as you guide or play this?

    1. Yes, multiple people are allowed to be in the room, on one condition that they must be silent during the ritual. (except when chanting)

  15. The rules say that, if you see a man in a suit, you should describe him and then leave. Why not just leave?
    Also, did anyone ever talk to the man in the suit/talk to the old woman/touch a clock in the room full of clocks … and then return to tell what happened?

    1. There was this one person I heard, there was a room full of clocks, he touched one and next he jumped up terrified and shaking. At that time when he was with his partner, he stopped talking once he walked in the room.

  16. If I do it by myself, am I supposed to memorize the chant in order for me to go into trance?
    How am I supposed to do It by myself if it’s possible

    1. You could memorize it and read it aloud (or mentally)
      Or (just a theory) use a recording device and record your voice chanting so you won’t have any extra work.

    1. You just aren’t ready to explore your mind… The men in suits and women all represent kinds of fear and anxiety, you are too nervous about what you may find to explore your mind. I wouldn’t recommend pushing yourself by trying to play again.

  17. I did this ritual with four other friends during a hang out. I didn’t participate myself but we tried it on two of our friends. The ritual is basically hypnosis and yes it does work so long as you’re fully relaxed and on the right mood to be “guided” in. However, I would personally plan out with your partner ( regardless of whether you’re acting the principle or the partner guiding them through ) how you’re going to be lead back from hypnosis and what to do in case of an emergency. When we did this ritual on the first friend, we weren’t quite sure what we were doing and when things went wrong, we rushed trying to lead them out to the real world and nearly lost them bringing them back. They were completely dazed when they returned, acting like they were given anesthesia and didn’t retun to normal until two hours later. So please take proper precautions and plan things out if you’re trying this for the first time. If anyone wants to know, I’ll tell you what both my friends witnessed during the ritual and what happened to them.

    1. If you don’t mind, I am rather curious for find out what happened to them because I’m thinking about playing this myself, and am trying to make a decision on whether or not to play it based off of other people’s experiences to see if I’m really willing to possibly face the things they did. You don’t have to if you want to, but if you don’t mind I’m more than happy to hear!

  18. How long are we supposed to rub the person’s temples and/or how long does it take them to be considered “ready”?

  19. Okay, so I tried this the other day and it is the weirdest sensation ever. I was fully conscious and aware of the real world, but I was also in the corridor in my head. My partner (who after she heard my account refused to do hers out of fear) said that while I was in the corridor she could see my eyes moving beneath my eyelids, my hands touching things she couldn’t see as I described them and even my breathing quickening at certain points.

    When I first appeared in the corridor, it was light grey with multicoloured doors to my left was a red door, and to my right was a white door. I was dressed smartly, in a short green kilt, white knee socks, a navy jumper and my school loafers. I entered the red door and found myself in a fairly small, square room with a wooden stool in one corner and a large window on the left wall. When I looked through the window, I could see across a street to an apartment block with concrete balconies, and from what I could see outside I guessed that I was on the seventh or eighth floor of the building. I left the room, finding nothing else of interest. I went across the hallway and entered the room with the white door and found myself in a mirror image of the previous room, yet the window displayed the same image. I left continued further down the hallway until I came across a pink door being blocked by a dark wood table with wheels. I pushed it aside and inside the room, sitting on the stool was a young man. He too was dressed smartly in a white shirt, a blue tie, grey trousers and brown brouges. I didn’t think that he was the man in the suit, since he made me feel calm and somewhat protected. He sat on the stool with his head hanging and he looked sad. He looked at me and smiled glumly before hanging his head again. I left the room and continued down the hallway until I reached a considerably more elegant door. It was glossy black with marble steps leading up to it and had a wrought iron handrail. I entered this room too fine two more young men in the room. This room had wallpaper, with vertical stripes in alternating shades of pine green. The room was also larger than all the other rooms I had entered so far. One of the man was the same man as the previous room, hanging his head sadly and sitting on a wooden stool. The other looked very similar to the first man, except instead if having dark hair, was ginger and had freckles. He stood with his hands in his pockets, smiling at a painting on the wall. He was dressed in a similar smart was as the man on the stool, except this time he had red braces on his trousers and a blazer. I turned around to leave, only to find that the handle to the door was gone. In its place was a hole. I turned around again and saw that the man standing at the painting’s hair had turned from ginger to mid-blond and the room had become L-shaped. Suddenly, there was a knocking on the door and I peered through a hole to see an older man with silver hair in a full suit smirking gleefully outside in the hall. I felt threatened by this man’s presence, and clearly so did the other people in the room as they immediately looked to the door, seeming concerned. The man on the stool instructed me to tell the man outside to come back later since they weren’t ready for an audience. I did as I was told and the man outside looked unimpressed. He paced up and down the hall before entering one of the rooms and reappeared not long after looking quite angry. He came back up to the door of the room I and the other two men were in and passed me a set of car keys through the hole in the door. He told me to throw them as far as I could out of the window, so I did. If was then that I realised that it had become nighttime and I wondered where the time had gone. I threw the keys and not twelve seconds after I saw the man from outside jump after them and land on his front on the pavement below, unmoving. I turned around to tell one of the men, but the man on the stool had disappeared, leaving only the blond man. I told him what had happened and his face grew worried, scared even. He pulled a door handle from his pocket and used it to open the door, before taking me by the wrist very gently and leady me out into the hallway. He told me to run back to the first room that I entered, stand on the stool and not to move until he came to get me. This worried me, but I followed his instructions all the same. As I ran, I noticed how dark the hall had become and it was difficult to make out the colours of the doors, but I managed to find the red door and I stood on the stool as the blonde man had told me. A few moments passed and I heard footsteps running down the hall and the blonde man burst into the room, slamming the door behind him, panting. His once perfectly combed hair had become slightly disheveled and he looked pale from fright. He told me to push the stool against the door, and as soon as I did, he pulled me into the furthest corner of the room and held me close. The alarm went off and somehow he heard it and knew that I had to leave. The last thing he said to me in a trembling, panicked voice was “Please don’t go. Don’t leave all alone.”

    I have no idea what he was so afraid of, but if anyone has any clue what this all means I’d love to know.

    1. my explanation is it was probably a guy who did the ritual and got trapped because his friend didn’t set an alarm and left him and he was scared to be all alone but this is the only flaw how could you enter someone elses mind

  20. I recently played this with a very close friend of mine, with me as her guide, and I thought I would comment on how things went.

    For one thing, at first there was no corridor. My friend claimed to be in a subway station, waiting on a train. The entire place was empty. She said that after a while a train would show up, but each time she kept walking towards it, the train would flicker and disappear.

    After a few attempts to get on the train, I suggested we look for different routes. We eventually stumbled upon a tunnel system, some tunnels were dark and I suggested to my friend she avoid going down those.

    She then started seeing large, heavy set, blue metal doors. Some locked, but the rest opened with ease. The first she entered led her to an inviting white room, complete with a fireplace and comfortable furniture. She mentioned a dark shadow presence in one corner and so I guided her out the room towards other possible doors to try.

    At this point her dog came running into the room, and she mentioned her puppy being within her mind now as well. Walking alongside. It was a sweet sentiment far as I am concerned.

    After going through another door, my friend ended up on a twisting metal walkway. She said there were many such walkways and she was above what seemed an endless drop. Each walkway had a door at one end but they all seemed connected in one point. At this central point she says was a giant black sphere, pulsating, and into which all the walkways led.

    She stuck a hand into the sphere and said she felt pins and needles, this led to some discomfort in her hand even after the game, mind you.

    It is at this time that she said things kept flickering, sort of like a video game with a low frame rate. Where she would take an action, and see it played out before resetting to three seconds or so before taking the action.

    I led her to another door, this one wood and brown as she described it. She said it felt almost like home and very welcoming. As she opened it, she was greeted by a grotesques faceless old woman, but thanks to the whole glitchiness mentioned earlier she managed to slam the door shut.

    We then headed to another door and she entered it, finding it to be the room of a young man she claims to have seen in a dream before. She then tried speaking to the man, but he could not hear her. So she started imagining subtitles which is how they then had their chat. She enjoyed a lovely conversation with him and some tea before I set about guiding her back to reality.

    She is still scared of the woman she saw and has been keeping her nightlight on for the weeks since when sleeping. But all in all, we had an interesting experience and she seemed happy that her puppy was with her talking to the boy. 🙂

  21. I’m sorry, but why in the hell would I not touch any of the clocks? I’ve always liked clocks and watches, and being able to take them apart and put them back together always gives me a soothing feeling. If no one can give a reason as to why the clocks should be left alone, I may just stay a while and see their inner workings if I ever happened across that room.

    1. In minds, clocks often represent memories of lapses of time you’ve.. forgot. Touching them may unwittingly crack them open.

  22. I have a question. What if you try it but you don’t find yourself in a corridor because you have trouble seeing images in your mind’s eye unless you’re dreaming?

    1. I think the game simply wont be playable. I had two friends that attempted to play but simply couldn’t bring themselves to imagine the corridor so it didn’t work. The main ingredient for getting the ritual to work is to be in a completely relaxed state.

  23. Theres one thing your missing about the game. My friends great grandma taught him this because it had been passed down for generations and the goal is to find 3 gems hidden inside your mind. Once you find all 3 you will feel good for the rest of the day. Also when we played we had 2 people at once, and sometimes stuff from one persons hallway would transfer to the other

  24. This isn’t just a few years old. I distinctly recall playing this growing up. The doors lead to all sorts of interesting places. It can be played with others in the room, as long as they are silent. We used to all sit in a circle around the person ‘traveling’.

  25. Could your partner influence what you wear so you could have a weapon to face the women and man for I think they resemble the devil and your worst fears but remember this when you do it “the only thing to fear is fear itself” and “fear is not real. It is a illusion created to stop yourself from doing something”

    1. I’ve never tried that but from my own experience of helping my friends in this ritual, you can influence their actions and what they tell you. I dont know if you can influence the items or clothes they have while in hypnosis.

    2. I did this for a friend who was stuck in a darker, shadowed hallway. I ‘gave’ her a lantern so that she could comprehend her mind better. For me, I tied the idea of ‘understanding’ with the lantern.

    1. No idea (sorry : ( ). Each mind has their own distinction of what do they resembles, consciously or sub-consciously. Only the mind itself knew what it meant, unless you know it.

    2. Mabey, just mabey, this is a fear you have. Mostly I’d say red resembles blood, and sometimes death. So mabey your fear is dragging you in. Because, as the ritual stated, “remember, your mind is not always your friend.” But other than that, i got nothing. Hope it helped!

  26. When I played this, I was with my friend.

    The corridor was like all red rust and concrete. I was wearing a white, long-sleeve sweater, jeans, and black and white sneakers. I had a golden stopwatch in my pocket, a tiny pen flashlight, watermelon gum, and a pocket knife. The door on my right was red, with a rusty golden old-timey handle I don’t know why but I didn’t open it. I didn’t like the feeling.

    The door on my left was white with the same handle. Inside was a kitchen on the left side and an open space on the right. The ceilig was white and so was the floor, but the floor was dirty. The cupboards for the kitchen were green with a marble pattern of a lighter green. The countertop was a white with gray spots. And the cupboards under the metal sink was just wooden. Other than that, it was a pretty basic room.

    I left and the next door was black. No handle. I liked this door since it’s my favorite color. But scared of it because I couldn’t open it. I pressed my ear to it but I couldn’t hear anything. It was oddly… Freezing. I’m not talking cold. I’m talking FREEZING like it could freeze boiling water in two minutes. I stare at it, wanting to break down the door, but pass it by because my partner told me to.

    The next door was green. The saying “Green means Go!” my grandma told me a long time ago. So I entered. A man in a black suit, blue tie, a black fedora and the only thing I could see of his face was bulging red eyes and a creepy, wide- literally could be stretched ear to ear, curved smile. The room was just like the first room on the left. But there was a wooden stool in a corner on the right. When I looked back at the man, he was walking towards me with long strides. I ran away… But I woke up due to my friend shaking me awake. She said that she’s been telling me to wake up since I said: “A man in a black suit” I was mad at her because I wanted to try and open the black door again after I got rid of the man.

    Do any of you guys know why I was so intrigued by the door? Please tell me. XD

    1. If you mean the black door, the ritual stated that black mostly means fear and death. And ecause that door had no handle, your mind proboaly wasnt ready for it, as the ritual also states your mind isnt ready for some things. Hope this helped!

  27. So, I’ve seen that most people can’t remember or aren’t even really present when they ‘go inside their minds’. Why is that?

    I have done it twice the first by accident and than the second at the request of a friend despite my objections. The brain needs time to recuperate. Whatever you do, I beg of you. Do not play two nights in a row.

  29. So 13 years ago I did some thing with a person where he put his hands over mine and would “go in my mind and knock on a door”. I felt dizzy and he said he felt dizzy even though I didn’t say anything. When he knocked on the door I felt my mind push him very hard out and again he described this without me saying what I was feeling. Has anyone heard of this? Kind of weird experience and I don’t know if the person was good at reading people or if this is a thing?

  30. I experienced a similar thing when I played this game, apparently my friend could feel a weird ‘pulse’ of emotions when he attempted to wake me up. He said that he felt sad as he shook me to wake me up, because I had said that I could see a floating bullet-choked corpse of a man in Army uniform and beret holding a .500 Magnum. He was floating as though the bullets had thrown him off his feet. Why did he feel sad when he grabbed me by the arms? His hands and my arms were bare btw. Anybody else experienced his?

  31. I played this game 3 years ago, my partner was my older sister, it worked. In the mind world, i had the appearance of someone wearing a sandal and casual clothes, in my hand there is a knife. I speak to my sister “sis can you hear me?”, the answer came from piece of paper that came from above “yes”, i feel rather safe because of that, then went through it. The first door i open had green color, the inside is a forested area, i remember it being the forest which i did holiday there when i was a kid, the second door is a mirror with a doorknob, the inside is a small room with other me (yes a person who completely looked like me), there he questioned me about some of my experiences, from silly one to the worst one, because my answer toward the worst one wasn’t acceptable by him, he urged me to leave. then i went toward long corridor while ignored a creepy looking door, at the end of the corridor i found a door with color i don’t know but there is a blood splattered around it, i didn’t enter it and turn around, that’s when i found the man with suit, a sense of dread attacked me, i told my sister by screaming “sis, the man with suit comes”, before i get reply from my sister, the man attempted to attack me, i used the knife from earlier and stabbed him with it, he stumbled but managed to grab my leg, i looked at him, his grin was very terrifying, i despaired, but a door suddenly appeared with a word exit, with all my strength i managed to free my leg from his grab and went trough the door, before i knew it, i was in my sister arm. That experience surely very unique and terrifying

  32. Okay one thing my mind is mine whatever demon is in their I don’t care I will be brave and step in it and talk and touch bravery is a weakness in demons and fear is advantage it’s my mind I will fight for it

  33. I have done this ritual, and it was very interesting. My friend was my partner.

    I was wearing a blue shirt and jeans. In one of the pockets in the shirt, there was a note. I decided not to read it until later. I first went into a room with a yellow door. The knob it had had a flower on it. This room made me feel safe. Inside of it i saw a small pink flower in the corner. I peeked in further and saw a picture of a man. His smile frightened me. I thought this was the man in the suit, so i went to a diferent room. It had a light blue door, and a lock. Luckily, i found a key on the ground infront of the door. I opened to door and went inside the room. There was a note on the floor in the center of the room. I rushed over and picked it up. I read it, and it said shut the door. This frightened me, but i did as the note said. After that i decided to read the note that was in my pocket. This one was blank. Disapointed i put the note back in the pocket. Later i heard a knock at the door. There was a mans voice. I felt uneasy, so i didnt open the door. I saw a little girl in the corner of the room. She was holding what seemed to be a red doorknob. I asked her why she was holding it. She told me that it was for me and gave it to me. She told me that i needed to take the note that was in my pocket and slide it under the door. I did as told. After i did this, there was silence. The girl told me to peek under the door. I saw nothing and told her this. The girl then walked over and slowly opened the door. She told me to run to the purple door across the corridor, and insert the doorknob, open the door,grab the doorknob, go inside, shut the door, and dont open the door no matter what i hear. I was afraid but i did it. After a few minutes i heard screaming. This scared me, but i didnt open the door. After a bit a note was slid under the door. I picked it up. It said “save me”. I didn’t know what this meant. I then heard the timer, and i woke up.

    Does anyone know what the “save me” note meant?

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