Encyclopaedia of the Impossible: The Smith Sisters, Murdered Anonymously

sistersPreviously: The Noise Coming from Inside Children.

Type: EV (Electronic Virus)

Period/location of origin: Unknown. The earliest record of subject appears in June of 2005; however, portions of the story held within subject take place in the early ‘90s. Subject’s time frame may change depending on its version number. Subject’s location of origin is similarly unknown, although the story within takes place in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

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Appearance: Subject appears to be a chain letter of the sort commonly circulated in the early days of the Internet. Many versions of subject exist; the details of the story told by subject, subject’s time frame, and subject’s grammatical correctness may vary depending on which version has been cast to snare target.

Modus operandi: Subject presents itself to target as a chain letter shared via email, ostensibly sent from a person of target’s acquaintance. The chain letter tells the story of a boy in Plainfield, Wisconsin who begins receiving either emails or instant messages from a pair of girls claiming to be his sisters. The boy, who has grown up as an only child, tells them he has no sisters and requests forcefully that they leave him alone.

In the next message, he receives from them, they inform him that not only did they live in his house many years ago, but moreover, that they died there, as well. This message may or may not contain a photograph of two girls with the caption, “THE SMITH SISTERS, MURDERED ANONYMOUS” and/or a newspaper article detailing their brutal murder. The sisters, angry at having been ignored or forgotten by their parents, may then close the story in one of two ways: Either they murder the boy in the same manner of their own deaths, or murder the parents the same way. Subject then informs target that target must pass the letter on, or else face either their own death or take responsibility for the deaths of their parents.

Although subject’s story is widely understood to be fictional, subject continues to insist story is factual, often including a post-script resembling the following:

“P.S. Guys… I looked it up on Google and it really happened. Creepy, eh? I don’t normally do these… but this one bothers me a bit. Here’s the article:

“‘In 1993, two sisters were brutally murdered in the small-town community of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Lisa Smith, 19 and her sister, Sarah Smith, 15 were attacked in their parent’s home on the night of November 17th, around 1:30am. The Smith sisters were lying in bed when a crazed killer broke into the house. No-one heard them scream. In the morning, their parents found the dead bodies of the Smith sisters hidden in the bedroom closet. They had been skinned alive. The killer was long gone and no trace of him could be found. They had been murdered anonymously. Police conducted an extensive investigation, but to no avail. The motives for the attack were never discovered, nor was the attacker ever found. The only lead authorities had was a series of strange emails found in Lisa’s computer. The case was closed in October of 2000.’”

The immediate goal of subject appears to be to spread to as many targets and computers as possible. Subject’s long-term goals remain unknown.

Containment: Subject is currently still at large on the Internet; however, measures may be taken to neutralize subject when necessary. Liberal use of the “delete” or “trash” button is recommended.

Additional notes: Plainfield, Wisconsin is best known for being the hometown of serial killer Edward Theodore “Ed” Gein.

Although subject may not necessarily enact the revenge specified in the letter on target (should target fail to pass on the letter), exposure to subject may result in target behaving unusually or erratically. Target may: Feel the urge to pass on the chain letter, even though he or she does not consider themself the “type” to do so; experience a pervasive sense of unease; or spend a few evenings looking over his or her shoulder. Long-term effects of subject on targets have yet to be documented.

It should be noted that although subject’s sender both appears and is understood to be a human being known personally to target, it is unknown whether this is actually the case. Further research may be required to determine origin of subject, including whether subject sends itself — or whether subject is somehow sent by the titular sisters.

The Smith sisters themselves have yet to be encountered, either in corporeal or incorporeal form.

Recommendation: Should you find subject in your inbox, do NOT open, read, or forward it.

I mean it.


Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously.

Skinned Flick.

Real Life Mysteries — The Smith Sisters Murdered Anonymously.


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