The Most Dangerous Games: The Hooded Man Ritual

black cabPreviously: The Dark Reflection Ritual

The Hooded Man Ritual appeared on the NoSleep subreddit in November of 2014. According to its submitter, nickybutler123, it has surfaced on other sites in the past; I’ve been unable to locate these other sites, however, so it’s possible that this claim is meant to deepen a newer story’s sense of history.

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Certain similarities strike me between the worlds traveled to by the Hooded Man’s taxi cab and the one(s) that can be reached via the Elevator to Another World ritual. I’m not sure whether they’re the same ones, though, so do with that what you will.

This ritual should NOT be attempted in a state of agitation, nervousness, or fear. 

As always, play at your own risk.


  • One principal.


  • Two black cords or ropes measuring half a meter in length each.
  • A telephone. If you have access to an old-fashioned rotary phone, it is suggested you use it, as it will provide the greatest effect. A modern touch-tone phone will also work, although it is recommended that it be of a corded variety. Cordless or cellular phones may present some difficulties and are not recommended.
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • A watch.
  • Salt.


The Prelude:

  1. Prior to beginning, perform a cleansing ritual in the location in which you plan to perform the Hooded Man Ritual. Burning a sage smudge stick and spreading salt or ash before the front door are recommended; for more detailed instructions, see here.
  2. Shut all the doors, close all the windows, and draw all the curtains.
  3. Turn off the lights, as well as all electronic devices. Set the two black cords, as well as the matches or lighter, near the phone.
  4. Empty your pockets of any power or protection items, but keep the watch on your person.

Calling the Cab:

  1. Begin at night.
  2. Sit down before the telephone and count to the number 13. Then, leaving the phone on the hook, dial the following number: 20496888.
  3. Tie one black cord securely to the telephone’s handset. Lift the handset by holding the cord only; then dial the following number: 25515823.
  4. Count to 13 and set the handset down, but do not hang it back on the cradle. Speak the following words into the receiver: “Hello? I need a cab.”
  5. Untie the first black cord from the handset and replace it with the second one, making sure to secure it tightly. Burn the first cord immediately if possible; if it is not possible to do it immediately, burn it as soon as you have completed the ritual.
  6. Open the curtains and look out. If you have completed steps one through five correctly, you will see a black taxi cab parked outside. Exit the building, locking the door behind you, and climb into the cab’s empty back seat.
  7. Lock the cab door and go to sleep.

During the Ride:

  1. When you awaken, use your watch to check the time.
  2. If your watch reads anytime other than 3:30am: Exit the cab and reenter your home within two minutes. Proceed to “The Ending – Step 1.”
  3. If your watch reads 3:30am: Go back to sleep.
  4. When you awaken for the second time, you will find the cab to be driving on a highway with a man wearing a hood at the wheel. Do NOT do any of the following:
    • Panic.
    • Attempt to get out of the cab while it is moving.
    • Speak to any other passengers the cab may pick up.
  5. When you are ready to end your ride, lean close to the hooded man’s ear and say the following words, slowly and deliberately: “I have reached my destination.” You will fall asleep one last time; when you awaken, you will have returned to your starting location.

The Ending:

  1. Once you have returned to your starting location, seat yourself before the telephone once more and dial the following number: 200082.
  2. Use the black cord to lift the handset, set it down, and recite the following words into the receiver: “Thank you for the ride.”
  3. Untie the black cord from the handset. Burn it; then bury the ashes of both it and the first cord in the ground. Scatter salt over the top of the burial site.
  4. Perform a cleansing ritual.

Additional Notes:

Sage, salt, or other items of protection may be used during the cleansing rituals performed before and after the Hooded Man Ritual itself; however, these items should NOT be carried with you while you are performing the Hooded Man Ritual.

Should you feel threatened, followed, stalked, or otherwise unsafe at any point during the ritual, do NOT proceed. If you have not yet gotten in the back of the cab, do not enter it; if you have, perform step five of “During the Ride.”

Panicking, attempting to exit the moving vehicle, or speaking to other passengers may result in dire or fatal consequences. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, perform those actions.

Concerning the Length of the Cab Ride:

You may allow the cab ride to continue on as long as you desire; however, it should be noted that the longer the ride, the more difficult it is to emerge from the landscapes through which the cab passes. Should you wish to return to the same world you left, it is recommended that you do not allow the cab ride to go on for undue amounts of time.

It is unknown what happens when the cab stops. If you are feeling adventurous, you may attempt to find out…

…But don’t count on being able to return home again once you get there.

The Hooded Man Ritual: FAQ.


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42 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: The Hooded Man Ritual

  1. Why must I perform cleansing rituals? Is it because the ritual is unholy or ‘stay safe, so do this’? And why should the cord be black? I’m thinking it’s because it’s considered the Devil’s colour, or is it something else? Thanks

    1. I imagine that the cleansing rituals are to “close” the portals. The cord should be black because black is usually associated with other world travels? Also black is NOT the devils color. As a follower of Satan I should know. It’s Red and sometimes blue.

      1. Some guy told me you were myself from the future, like what I’m the head angle I ain’t gonna do nothing like being the head demon

    2. You dont know what will be happen if you do a contact or ritual with unknown things. That’s why you ahould be doing cleansing ritual, to make sure you don’t have any contact with that thing again.

  2. Do the passangers in the car talk to you? If so, may we be allowed to look at them? If not. . . It’ll be hella hard for me, because I am a very nice person, and I always have to look at the person talking to me.

    1. It may happen, and I imagine that you can look at them, as long as you don’t reply to anything they say to you. Be careful with this, however; body language could be counted as communication, and you do not want to miscommunicate.

    2. I read online that one man did talk to a passenger but became obsessed and fascinated by him. He ended up basically selling his soul to the stranger in the cab bc he said he wanted to go home and the mysterious man talked to the driver before asking if he was allowed to control the mans life from then on in order to go home. So I suggest not doing it unless you wanna sell your soul.

  3. I performed this ritual last Saturday. It’s really not fun and I decided not to go into the cab. The driver had a hood silhoutte but it was hard to see at night. I immediately got sage and salt and when I got back to check out the window he was gone.

  4. I really want to do this but it doesn’t specify if it’s okay to do it when others are asleep in the house. Would that affect the game?

  5. I would like to try this, but not alone, I’m too chicken. Can you do it with another person? The rules don’t specify.

  6. I would like to try this, but I can’t do stuff like this alone. I freak out, but it’s fun when I have a friend with me. Can it be played with two people? And would other people sleeping in the house effect the game?

  7. What about performing the ritual in a non-english speaking country ? Do we have to talk in english to the hooded guy or is it allowed to speak in the local language ? What do we have to do if we fail a step during the ritual (wrong number, no cab visible…) ?

  8. black is the color of protection, red passion, blue is harmony.This honestly sounds dangrous, but have fun

  9. I did this in a lucid dream just now I promise you you don’t want to do this its nearly impossible to get back up.

    I saw the hooded man over my shoulder and it sounded like I muttered “enough is enough” muttered the first set of numbers and was out cold. Its a violent drop you’ll take and its hard to get up I don’t know if location has anything to do with it because mine was in a resort of sorts on a raised platform to dive into a 27-29ft pool with a friend my words coming up and seeing it were “only 29ft” sarcastically said. In the passing out, I saw snow and fluttered my eyes which were impossible to keep open I was trying to scream for help but I was muted and it sounded like a whisper of sorts to me no doubt unintelligible mutters in the world around me man I’m scared and if anyone talks to the man who gets in with you, ask him for me. If that was truly the hooded man in my dream or him. Please let me know please

    1. I’m a bit confused by this. Side note: DON’T LUCID DREAM PERFORMING RITUALS, IT’S NO SAFER AND YOU MIGHT EVEN END UP BRINGING THE ENTITIES INTO OUR WORLD. If you did somehow manage to get the cab ride…did you wake yourself up during it? You should probably go back in your dream to finish it off properly. It also sounds like you didn’t do the cleansing rituals. Good luck…

  10. well, i tried this with a cordless phone and black ribbon instead of cord, and no cap showed up, even though i did the ritual a second time to be sure. guess you need a corded phone for it to work.

  11. “During the Ride” step 2 says that if your watch reads anything other than 3:30 you need to exit the cab and return home within 2 minutes. What if you’re too far away from home to return in 2 minutes, or you don’t know how to get home from where you are?

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