The Search Terms from the Black Lagoon: Shortwave Spirit Radios, Telephone Booth Ghosts, and Other Queries Answered

abandoned computerPreviously: Something Chill and Slender in This World.

Welcome to another edition of The Search Terms from the Black Lagoon, in which I attempt to figure out exactly what you were looking for when you Googled your way to The Ghost in My Machine.

1. “How do you use short wave to hear ghosts”

I’m assuming this search brought you to the post on The Buzzer, which probably isn’t what you were looking for. This, however, might be: Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio. It’s a non-powered crystal radio which, when plugged into a computer, has been known to pick up some… odd noises. Instructions on how to build your own Tesla Spirit Radio can be found here; watch the video below to see one in action:

2. “Creepypasta about white room and slow building village”

“The White Room” from The Claverhouse Emails? Or “The Tale of Robert Elm?” Or maybe “Room?”

3. “I left my candle in the closet in a shoebox should I worry”

Not unless it’s lit; that would be an excellent way to burn your house down. If you’ve been trying to perform the Shoebox Telephone ritual, though, I’d be careful. There are no candles involved in the instructions; if, however, you return to your “phone booth” to find the shoebox open and a candle inside you know you didn’t put there, abort the mission.

4. “The bellwich machion haunting” [sic]

I wondered for a moment whether this was referring to a place called “Bellwich Mansion” or something, but I came up empty on that one. Maybe the search was meant to be “the bell witch machine haunting,” in which case it probably would have brought you to the Encyclopaedia entry about the Bell Witch. may be able to help if you’re looking for information about the surname “Bellwich,” though.

5. “Lulu wiki creepypasta”

Not the ghost baby? Interesting. It looks like this story has been deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki, but you can read “Lulu” here. You can also listen to it in the video below:

6. “Telephone booth ghost legends”

The most prominent ghost story involving a telephone booth on the Internet right now comes from Japan; it’s (surprise!) called “Phone Booth.” There’s also an urban legend about a phone booth ghost haunting some college campus somewhere (pick the nearest one to you and imagine it taking place there for the full effect); and lastly, according to Weird New Jersey, there’s a supposedly haunted phone booth in Berkeley Heights, NJ.

‘Til next time, Googlers!

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2 thoughts on “The Search Terms from the Black Lagoon: Shortwave Spirit Radios, Telephone Booth Ghosts, and Other Queries Answered

  1. There’s one I’m looking for that I can’t seem to find anywhere, originally I thought it was called “alone tag” or “ghost tag” or something like that but none of those are turning up anything
    It’s a game where you and a group and friends go out into the woods at night and run around and eventually you feel something chasing you.

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