‘The Houses October Built’ Trailer Brings Found Footage and Extreme Haunts Together for a Creepily Promising Start

High-octane haunted attractions have become a staple of the Halloween season in the US, but how far would you be willing go for the ultimate scare? If you’re the cast of the upcoming horror flick The Houses October Built, as far as it takes — unless, that is, it comes to you instead.

Directed by Bobby Roe and written by Roe, Zack Andrews, and Jason Zada, The Houses October Built follows a group of buddies on the hunt for the most extreme haunted attraction in the country. There are a lot of bad horror movies out there, and a huge amount of bad found footage horror movies in particular; even so, though, this one looks promising. As Luke Y. Thompson wrote over at Topless Robot, there are some people for whom found footage is an automatic turn-off — but, “any medium works if you tell the right story for it.” Ayyyyyyy-men to that. I’m probably a little biased in the movie’s favor; as someone who spent last night watching walk-throughs of haunts on YouTube last night, I am very clearly the target audience for The Houses October Built. But I also think that this particular film may have found exactly the right story for the medium, so I’ve got high hopes for it.

Catch The Houses October Built in theaters, on VOD, and on iTunes starting October 10.

[Via Topless Robot]


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