Modern Horror Flicks Go Retro With Artist Chris MacGibbon’s Imagined VHS Covers

I enjoy the convenience of Netflix, Amazon, and all the other video streaming services out there as much as the next gal… but part of me still misses browsing the shelves of my hometown video store. And not just any shelves — I mean shelves packed with VHS tapes. We all have a soft spot for the technology of our youths, don’t we? When I was a wee one, nothing simultaneously freaked me out and thrilled me quite the way the horror aisle did at Video Revolution (which, sadly, closed in 2007. I’d moved away by then, but still. It was the end of an era); when I get nostalgic, it’s for things like vintage horror VHS cases.

Happily, artist Chris MacGibbon is happy to oblige: He’s given a bunch of modern horror flicks retro makeovers, imagining what their old-school VHS cases might have looked like. Complete with well-worn edges and those mysterious numbered stickers that made sense only to the people who actually worked at video stores, they bring back all the schlocky goodness of the ‘80s and ‘90s (and I believe part of the ‘70s, but I wasn’t around then, so I can’t speak from experience there).

I’m a little late to the party with these fantastic creations — they were posted to Dreadit, Reddit’s r/horror sub, about a week and a half ago — but I still think they’re worth sharing, so here. Enjoy. And may your autumn be full of horror, both spine-tingling and hilariously awful.

[Sadly, the album doesn’t seem to want to embed here, so check out the full collection on Img



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