The Imaginary Friend, The Haunting of Room 217, and Even More of Reddit’s Creepiest True Stories

Previously: The Not-So-Empty House, The Cigarette Case, and More.

Hey gang,

Another “What’s the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you?” thread popped up on AskReddit over the weekend (hoorah!). Because Halloween is the one time of year my admittedly weird hobbies are useful to my day job, I rounded up the best of the best for Bustle yesterday; accordingly, head on over there to check out my favorite tales from this particular batch. Here’s one to start (click the image to embiggen):

Imaginary friend

You can also check out the full thread here. It was a good one, so I highly recommend it.

Happy reading!

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The Most Dangerous Games: Hyakumonagatari Kaidankai, or the Game of 100 Ghost Stories

Old bookPreviously: The Candles Game.

Unlike many of the games we’ve covered thus far, the Japanese ritual Hyakumonagatari Kaidankai (more accurately translated as “The Gathering of 100 Supernatural Tales) has deep roots. Its earliest recorded mention dates back to 1660; it’s believed initially to have been a test of courage for samurai, although it has filtered down through society over the centuries, evolving into the version that’s played today in the process. Note that the ritual opens a window into the spirit world (which may or may not be the Shadowside)… but does not specify how to close the window once it has been opened.

As always, play at your own risk.

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‘The Houses October Built’ Trailer Brings Found Footage and Extreme Haunts Together for a Creepily Promising Start

High-octane haunted attractions have become a staple of the Halloween season in the US, but how far would you be willing go for the ultimate scare? If you’re the cast of the upcoming horror flick The Houses October Built, as far as it takes — unless, that is, it comes to you instead.

Directed by Bobby Roe and written by Roe, Zack Andrews, and Jason Zada, The Houses October Built follows a group of buddies on the hunt for the most extreme haunted attraction in the country. There are a lot of bad horror movies out there, and a huge amount of bad found footage horror movies in particular; even so, though, this one looks promising. As Luke Y. Thompson wrote over at Topless Robot, there are some people for whom found footage is an automatic turn-off — but, “any medium works if you tell the right story for it.” Ayyyyyyy-men to that. I’m probably a little biased in the movie’s favor; as someone who spent last night watching walk-throughs of haunts on YouTube last night, I am very clearly the target audience for The Houses October Built. But I also think that this particular film may have found exactly the right story for the medium, so I’ve got high hopes for it.

Catch The Houses October Built in theaters, on VOD, and on iTunes starting October 10.

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Unresolved: The Mystery of UVB-76, “The Buzzer”

radioPreviously: The Untimely Death of Gareth Williams.

If you own a shortwave radio, tune in some night to frequency 4625 kHz. Depending on where you are, you might not hear anything; but if you’re located in Europe and occasionally in the eastern part of North America, odds are you’ll hear… something. You’ll hear a tone — a buzzing noise — repeating over, and over, and over again. We don’t know who’s broadcasting it, or why, or even from whence precisely it comes. We call it “The Buzzer,” and it’s one of the weirdest dang things out there.

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A Selection of “Ghosts” Currently Haunting the Daily Mail: A Poltergeist Chair, a Driverless Van, and a Spirit You Don’t Have to Worry About Because She’s Already Moved Out

sheet ghost

Previously: Big Foot, the Blair Witch, and a Ghost Who Just Wants a Sandwich.

It’s been a few months since our last examination of the strange and bizarre things “haunting” the Daily Mail, so let’s see what’s been going on lately, shall we? From haunted chairs to ghosts who have apparently moved out, it’s time for another round of ridiculousness!

1. Man Desperately Tries to Sell Vintage “Ghost Chair That Moves Around ON ITS OWN”

Cane chair

Back at the end of July/beginning of August, Andre Williams of Melbourne, Australia put up a listing on eBay for a vintage cane chair. The chair looks fairly unremarkable; however, it comes with a little something extra to make up for its bland appearance: A ghost.

About a week after he first acquired the chair, which he believed dated back to the late 19th century, Williams started hearing someone crying in his house during the night. At first, he thought he was dreaming; then he realized that every time he heard the crying, he found the chair on its side when he woke up in the morning. After a couple of years, it also started moving, and occasionally Williams found marks made by the chair “going up the wall and along the plaster ceiling.”

Towards the end of the auction, Williams posted an update to the chair’s eBay page. He wrote that he’d actually planned to cancel the auction “due to some recent weird events”; however, a psychic who contacted him informed him after inspecting the chair that it was a) from the 1950s, not the 1880s as he’d previously thought, and b) haunted by a little girl who wanted to apologize for something.

Is it really haunted? Probably not. Williams told the Daily Mail Australia that the auction “was meant to be a bit of theatre,” noting that “people get so caught up in [supernatural things[ that they want to make it true, they believe what they want to believe.” It was, he said, “a bit of experiment in human behavior and human psychology.” If it didn’t sell, his plan was to post it in another auction with a different story: “That could be fun, the changing personality of this chair,” he said.

For the record, the chair sold for AU $480 on August 3, 2014. Before the auction wrapped up Williams updated the listing again at one point to “apologize for trying to discredit this story through The Daily Mail”; he was, he said, “advised to do this as there could be dangerous consequences.”

Or it was all for a bit of a laugh.

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Abandoned: The Sanzhi UFO Houses and the Future That Never Was (Photos)


Previously: The Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center.

In 1978, construction began on a curious new housing development in the Sanzhi District of New Taipei City, Taiwan. Intended to be a resort marketed towards U.S. military personnel posted to East Asia, it consisted not of the typical vacation trappings and grandiose architecture; rather, it looked to the future — or at least, the future as seen in the ‘60s and ‘70s. There’s a reason these pod-shaped buildings became known as the Sanzhi UFO Houses, and it had everything to do with their flying saucer-esque appearance.

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Creepypasta of the Week: “A Few Suggestions”

suggestion boxPreviously: “Come Follow Me.” 

Remember our buddy Slimebeast? Creator of the much-lauded “Abandoned by Disney” story? Well, s/he’s got plenty more where that came from, including this one. A prequel of sorts to the events that transpire in “Abandoned by Disney,” “A Few Suggestions” gives you a little peek into the inner workings of Mowgli’s Palace… although I might steer clear of the employee suggestion box if I were you.

Suggestion: We could use another person at check-in during peak hours.

Suggestion: Please move the hot dog cart away from the main water slide. Also please have water slide staff keep an eye out for children who just ate. When anyone gets sick in there, three or four people have to go through it before we know about it.

Suggestion: It would be nice if we had a way to give more detailed information anonymously. Maybe private meeting time with management?

Suggestion: Need more security at south gate.

Suggestion: Music in the reptile house keeps slowing down or reversing, it’s VERY annoying.

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