The Most Dangerous Games: The Mirror Box

mirror distortion

Previously: Elevator to Another World.

Mirrors are often employed in these rituals and games we really shouldn’t be playing; I’ll be exploring why that is in an upcoming edition of “Scare Yourself Silly,” but until then, suffice it to say that they sometimes reflect the world back at you… and sometimes represent a window or a doorway into another world entirely. As such, you can see why stepping into a Mirror Box and surrounding yourself on all sides with them isn’t exactly recommended.

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But if you must… play at your own risk.


  • 1 principal (hereafter referred to as “witness”)
  • 1 partner

Note: There should be complete trust between the witness and the partner; additionally, both must be strong willed and with great fortitude. Do NOT attempt if these conditions are not met by BOTH participants.


  • 6 square metal sheets. The sheets should be slightly taller than the witness, but should not exceed height of the witness with raised hands; additionally, one sheet should be slightly taller than the other five. For maximum effect, choose sheets made of graphite or lead alloy.
  • 6 mirrors. One should be slightly larger than the other five. All should be as flawless as possible.
  • 1 light source. This source should be capable of emitting pure white or bright yellow light in all directions and should not require access to an electrical outlet to function. Candles are not recommend, re: carbon dioxide and possibly monoxide poisoning.
  • 2 to 3 synchronized alarm clocks
  • 2 ladders
  • Blankets
  • Water
  • A first aid kit


Constructing the Box

  1. The method of construction is up to the witness. The only requirements are:
  • The metal sheets must form four sides, a top, and a bottom.
  • The largest metal sheet must form the top.
  • The mirrors should be mounted on the insides of the box, one per side, with the largest one mounted to the top.
  • The top should be easily removable.
  • It should be possible to place one ladder outside the box and the second inside, such that the witness may use them to enter and exit the box. The ladders, particular the interior one, should be easily removable.
  • No outside light should be visible from inside the box.

Using the Box:

  1. For maximum effect, begin at night during a new moon. Position the ladders as previously directed.
  2. Set the alarm clocks for ten minutes AFTER the time at which the witness plans to enter the box.
  3. Using the ladders, the witness should enter the box. Once inside, the partner should hand the witness the turned-off light source and at least one alarm clock. The partner should keep one alarm clock; he or she should also confirm that the blankets, water, and first aid kit are easily accessible, should the need for them arise.
  4. The partner should ask the witness whether they are all right to proceed. Once confirmation has been received, your partner should remove the interior ladder and seal the top of the box. Do NOT proceed if the witness does not give confirmation to the partner.
  5. Once the box has been sealed, the witness may turn on the light source.
  6. Wait. Listen. Do not speak.
  7. Should the witness at any point wish to leave the box, he or she should signal to the partner either verbally or via tapping the side of the box. Once the partner has received the signal, he or she should open the top of the box and lower the interior ladder down to the witness.
  8. Partners: If the witness has not emerged by the time the alarm clocks go off, OPEN THE BOX AND REMOVE THE WITNESS. The witness may protest. Do not heed them.
  9. If the witness has sustained any injuries while in the box, call for medical help immediately.

Additional Notes:

  • It is suggested that the witness wear simple, uncomplicated clothing while playing this game. Do not wear any jewelry, and do not bring any food, weapons, religious materials, or other objects into the box.
  • Do not open the box from anywhere other than the top. Do not remove the sides or the bottom. Do not break the box.
  • The witness must NOT, under ANY circumstances, remain in the box after ten minutes. The witness may plead to remain in the box, insisting that opening the box will be more dangerous than remaining inside. Do NOT listen. Do NOT trust anything the witness may say to convince you otherwise. Do NOT allow the witness to stay in the box.

Should You Ever Meet a Witness:

  • Do not believe anything they say about their experience inside the box. Be especially wary if they claim nothing happened, or if they recommend you try it yourself. Do not ask them for the time, or where the antumbra meets. There is no light for the curious among you there.


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15 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Games: The Mirror Box

  1. I know this is made to make you see scary shxt in the mirrors but would it be possible to wear small jewellery/religious symbols like a cross necklace and small earrings? Crosses/gold are supposed to protect you from evil, so is it okay to wear it to protect the wearer from the creepy stuff in the mirrors? And earrings which are small (not gonna wear dingly dangly hoops) just regular small earrings that I wear everyday. Is that fine to wear during the ritual, or is it seriously and strictly no jewellery or religious items?

    1. I believe that the reasoning behind this is that, given the context of the article, there is a high chance that the witness has been… compromised, to say the least. It might not even be evil that they can see, it might be someone they love. We can’t tell. But if the witness has anything that could possibly be used as a weapon, and an earring can easily be turned into a weapon, i.e. stabbing the throat, swallowing, etc.
      Most likely possibility for this is that the witness sees something that lies to said witness, or otherwise persuades them to stay, or that leaving would be worse than staying, and they might do themselves bodily harm to stay.

    1. because the first rule of the antumbra is you don’t talk about the antumbra…consequently I have broken the first 2 rules….

  2. But… if the person that goes into the box first and after she or he REALLY don’t wanna leave the box, can the other person enter the box too take the fist person out?

  3. Setup: “There should be complete trust between the witness and the partner”

    Result: “Should You Ever Meet a Witness: Do not believe anything they say about their experience inside the box. Be especially wary if they claim nothing happened, or if they recommend you try it yourself.”

    Gain: Lose trust in someone 🙂

  4. Would you be allowed to have more than one person outside the box, if you trusted them all? I know that if I really didn’t want to come out of the box, I could get slightly aggressive, and it would probably make me feel safer.

    1. What do most people say happens inside?
      =Only the witness knows what happened.

      Why the fear and disbelief?
      = The mirror is like a portal to another world, and since you have 6 sides….well, you can put two and two together.

      What does the mirror box do to them?
      = Unknown

    1. Mostly because mirrors are seen as portals and people believe you can enter or speak to people from other dimensions, like the three kings ritual. You should not believe them because they might be a different version of themselves.

  5. this is the game im most intrigued by! id definitely not play it myself, but id definitely volunteer to be the witness 😀

  6. Can I have several partners? I know that if I REALLY didn’t want to come out of the box, I could get very aggressive, and one partner alone may not be able to pull me out, especially if they themselves cannot enter the box.

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