From the Vaults: Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t

Hey gang,

It’s come to my attention via the wonders that are analytics that a lot of you are finding your way to The Ghost in My Machine by searching either for “Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t” generally, or stories I covered once upon a time in “Creepy Things” specifically. As such, I’ve decided to make it a little easier for you to find them all: Starting today, you’ll see a new permanent page called “From the Vaults” in the sidebar (below the “About” page). It’s got direct links to some of the more popular “Creepy Things” features—Killswitch, This Man, Slender Man, the Dionaea House, etc.—as well as a link to the complete “Creepy Things” archives on Crushable. Bear in mind that the articles were written back in 2011, so the info in them may be a little out of date; in case you’d still like to read them, though, feel free to head on over there are check ’em out.

Thanks for taking the time to explore this strange little corner of the web, as well as for your continued patronage—and as always, if there’s something you’d like to see covered on TGIMM, leave me a comment  or Tweet me @luciapeters. Happy reading!


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