Creepypasta of the Week: “Kagome Kagome”

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Creepypasta loves science gone wrong.

The classic creepypasta science nightmare is, of course, the tale of the Russian Sleep Experiment, although I’ll confess that I never found that one quite as frightening as some of the others. Part of it is because the writing itself is a little clumsy; the real issue, though, is that it becomes markedly less plausible as it goes on – so much so that it almost becomes a parody of itself.

Like “The Russian Sleep Experiment,” “Kagome Kagome” isn’t the best-written piece of fiction out there, and it, too, loses a little bit of its plausibility towards the end. There’s something about it, though. Maybe it’s that it has at least some basis in fact: An awful lot of unethical human experimentation was done by Germany and Japan during the Second World War, (although let’s not forget that the U.S. is guilty of its own fair share of it, as well), much of which is so horrifying that it doesn’t need to be fictionalized to freak you out.

For the curious, Kagome Kagome is a Japanese children’s game similar to Ring Around the Rosie and London Bridge Is Falling Down. The lyrics of the song that accompanies it can be roughly translated as follows:

“Kagome kagome, the bird in the cage, when, when will you come out? In the evening of the dawn, the crane and turtle slipped. Who stands right behind you now?”

War Experiments:

The Nazi reign was famous for its back-door scientists and occult researchers. Special expeditionary divisions of the Reich were often sent out in search of artifacts or locations of occult or religious significance. Meanwhile in Germany, bunkers were assembled and mansions and castles were fitted with labyrinths and dungeons which were filled with strange experiments and research notes.

Whenever the Allies found these places, they were often gutted, burned, or otherwise destroyed and abandoned. Whenever a lab was found intact, the research was often incoherent or missing, or later destroyed by the Allies to prevent the Nazis from recovering any hidden data. A lot of the Nazi experiments were kept under the radar. Until recently. Veterans who served as guards to the labs and ritual zones have explained what they have seen, or folders and books have been uncovered in boxes and crates belonging to the scientists. A fair few of these contain a common research goal.

Giving Man the Power of God:

Exactly the true power is often up to debate but it appears that this is often described in Nazi research as “Immortality”, unable to die, invincibility or other factors surrounding losing the capacity to die in some way or another.

The larger part of this research was actually legitimately based; certain doses of chemical compounds to aid blood flow in aging people. First concepts that are now used in today’s transplant surgery, grafting, ointments that renewed skin, antibodies to various diseases, and fitness/dieting research.

However, one set of crates discovered in Hamburg in 1999 went way off of this research style. This stuff cross-bred the Occult experiments and immortality research.

“The Mind Is the Disease”:

The introductory folders and proofs of concept of the research begin with the principle that the brain controls the body completely and wholly, and, as the body slowly degrades around it, it continues to function. further statements say that the reason the body is left to degrade is because the human brain is “Set on a biological timer” such is why butterflies can only live a day, yet other insects can often last longer: the brain tells us to die.

It is proposed that, as the brain grows, it begins to make connections, resulting in the human becoming more mature and having an advancing brain. At the age of 35-50, however, these connections slowly break down, resulting in forgetfulness, dementia and other mental diseases reserved for the elderly.

The Proposal:

The Nazi scientists proposed that the brain has a “Universal Kill switch” that activates as soon as the brain has fully developed. In all normal humans, this kill switch will initiate a shutdown sequence in bodily functions, which occurs over several decades. As soon as the body is fully shut down, the brain will be forced to die through lack of oxygenated blood.

It is said that Werner’s Syndrome (a disease where a person ages rapidly) is a result of the kill switch function activating far too early.

The Nazi’s proposed that they could remove the kill switch, and give the human mind immortality. And from that, complete immortality. Needless to say, brain surgery was incredibly difficult during those times, but it was possible. In the stacks of folders there were many different diagrams and past research on the brain, psychology, the human mind and the like.

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