Found Footage: “No Through Road”

On December 17th, 2008, four 17-year-old boys were found dead in their car at an abandoned farm ten miles from their hometown of Stevanage, Herefordshire in the UK.

“This video contains the unedited footage from the camera belonging to one of the boys, also found in the car.

A lot of found footage films begin with something like this; most of them, however, aren’t nearly as effective as this one is. The premise is simple, but the idea is terrifying. It takes the phrase “hopelessly lost” to a whole new level.

Several years after “No Through Road’s” first appearance, three sequels of sorts emerged. I don’t think they pack quite the same punch as the first one – like the Slenderman series “Marble Hornets,” which had an excellent first season before getting more and more nonsensical as it went on, it sort of gets bogged down in itself. They’re still worth a watch, though; find them here, here, and here.


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