Studio 360’s Scary Short Film Fest Challenges You to Freak Wes Craven Out in 30 Seconds or Less

How long does it take to freak someone out?

The folks behind Studio 360 – which, by the way, you should definitely listen to if you don’t already – think you can do it in 30 seconds or less. They’re currently accepting entries for their Scary Short Film Fest; the challenge is to create a horror film with a running time of no more than half a minute on the theme of “young genius.” Wes Craven will be at the judging table, so you’d better make ‘em good. The deadline to submit your entry is 11:50pm EST on Sunday, March 2.

You can watch all the submissions so far here; up top is one of my favorites, “Color Test.” It doesn’t really have much of a plot, per se, but there’s something about whatever’s going on at the 22-second mark that I find extremely unsettling. I don’t know, man. Human heads are NOT supposed to do that.

[Via The Hairpin]


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